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Types of Vinyl Flooring: Advantages, Care & Maintenance

Types of Vinyl Flooring: Advantages, Care & Maintenance - Carpet Express

People first notice your floor immediately they step into your house. As such, the quality of the floor will significantly raise the value of a property.

There are numerous flooring options based on personal taste, uses of a room, budget, etc. The choice of sheet vinyl flooring stands out because of several advantages it presents to the room and homeowner.

Below are the few advantages of vinyl flooring:

Fast Installation

Every homeowner wants to install the floor as fast as possible. This will minimize disruptions at your work area and reduce your flooring budget. There is technology referred to as Uniclic that saves time and can allow you to DIY. Within a few hours, the entire floor will be complete. If you would like to keep your flooring simple and elegant, vinyl is the best option. 

Easy to Maintain

It offers incredible maintenance options for homeowners. The floor is resistant to dust and stains. This reduces the work required to keep it clean. Keeping it in premium condition only requires frequent mopping or vacuuming. As long as stains are cleaned immediately, the possibility of sticking is greatly reduced. 

Perfect For Your Feet

there is a relaxing feeling when you walk bare feet. Vinyl allows you to walk bare feet either in summer or winter. It maintains a cool and constant temperature without going to the extremes. It also feels soft allowing people to stand on it for long hours. 


vinyl floors can be installed anywhere in the house. They can handle a lot of traffic in the hallway, water in the kitchen, pets in the living room, etc. You also have a variety of colors and textures to choose from. You are guaranteed a perfect match for your desired floor.


vinyl floors maintain their premium quality over an incredibly long time. They can handle high and rough traffic without losing their appeal. Even when installed in basements, you are sure that it will not soak water and get damaged. This saves you a lot of money in terms of repair and replacement.

Vinyl passes as one of the most versatile material to use on the floor. It costs less and gives you a perfect floor within a very short time. 

However, there are issues you need to be cautious of when using vinyl to ensure that it gives you the best service.

  • Dragging furniture and other heavy or pointed equipment on the surface exposes the floor to gorges. This will damage the floor forever.
  • Pets- though it resists scratches from pets and children toys, large and aggressive claws will easily damage the surface. You may opt to use carpets in areas that are overly exposed.
  • Seams- the possibility of seams being visible is very high. It takes a highly experienced installer and uses the right procedures to reduce the visibility of seams.

Choosing the right material for your floor is a big plus. It reduces the cost of operating the floor, makes your living or working area elegant and stylish and gives you a feeling of comfort. 

While you may choose the right floor and material, the long-term appearance depends on maintenance. 

Here are maintenance tips that will keep your floor in perfect condition:

Sieve dirt using a doormat

Two of the greatest enemies to your vinyl floor is sand pebbles and chemicals. Sand makes it uncomfortable to walk on the surface and will damage the floor leaving it rough. Chemicals react with the floor causing damage or wearing the surface out. Cleaning dirt and other substances also take time and will require extra resources. A doormat will reduce the amount of dirt carried to your house. It soaks the chemicals off the feet of visitors avoiding reaction with the floor.

Regular mopping

If you can get the dirt off the floor as first as possible, your vinyl will last longer. Run a broom over the floor regularly to get rid of pebbles and sand particles. Their damage on the surface is usually permanent.

Keep hairspray away by shampooing it

As you dress, you are likely to drop some hair. The hairspray and other beauty products are highly reactive. When cleaning such an area, it is recommended that you add some shampoo to the water. This will permanently get rid of the hair.

Use low impact cleaning techniques

Heavy duty cleaning substances may be effective but easily damage your floor. As much as possible, use mild cleaners and plain water whenever possible. Soap is known for attracting dirt. Using plain water will preserve the original color, texture, and feel of the vinyl floor. Where waxing has been done, use warm water without removing the wax. If you remove the wax, you will have to reapply it. Always rinse when you have used soap even if it indicates that there is no need to rinse.

Do not flood the vinyl

This kind of floor is meant for mopping and not drenching in water. An overly wet mop will see water sipping through the seams and cracks. Even when you use a strong glue, it wears out over time. Once the glue gives way, your entire floor is destroyed. 

Protect your furniture with feet

Heavy furniture like chest drawers, beds and coaches exert a lot of continuous pressure on the vinyl. This leaves a grave dent on the floor. To reduce the pressure and consequently the damage, use protective rubber feet or pads. They are found in convenience stores, hardware stores, and other home improvement facilities.

The secret to a durable and elegant floor is maintenance. In case a section has peeled off, replace it as soon as possible.

Use the right installation materials and engage a professional installer. Ensure that installation instructions are strictly followed. Seek a warranty from the installer as a guarantee that he has done quality work.

There are different vinyl formats that suit residential use. The choice of the right format depends on personal taste, budget and the uses a surface will be put into. Here are formats to consider when laying your vinyl floor.

Different Types of Vinyl Formats

Sheet Vinyl

The roll comes in 6” or 12” wide. It is cut into pieces during installation. If the wall is too long to use a single sheet, you will cut the sheet to fill the remaining space. This gives you the liberty to create patterns.

Solid Vinyl Tiles

These are square tiles especially 12” by 12”. They come in different colors, patterns, and textures. Their installation requires the addition of a subfloor. A lot of expertise is needed to maintain a flat and smooth overall surface.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile offers an affordable option to the costly stone and wooden flooring options. The tiles use 3D photography to transfer natural scenes to the surface of the tile. With each tile having an embossed pattern, different size and shape, you have incredible options for your floor. 

Vinyl flooring is the most convenient option for homes. However, it requires special attention to keep the floor clean and smooth. You have a variety of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. 

In fact, you can mimic that wooden floor you have always admired. The cost of flooring per square foot is reasonable. It is also perfect for use in different rooms regardless of their level of activity. With cleaning only requiring a mop, you are sure to enjoy comfort, style, and elegance with a vinyl floor.

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