Sunday, 22 November 2015

Let Hand Scraped Flooring Create Its Unique Magic!

To keep your home looking as good as new, you should keep repairing, adding or replacing things to give it a new and interesting appeal. More often than not, especially in old buildings, you will notice that the flooring needs to be changed as it begins to show cracks and signs of wearing out. The rugged look will make your building stand out among all the others, but then, it does need a perfect glossy flooring too.

The same rings true for apartments, bungalows, hotels, hospitals, offices, inns, malls and other commercial and residential spaces. Be it because of years of neglect, placing of heavy furniture, or rough usage, floors in such places require the optimum levels of maintenance and care for keeping them as good as new.  In most cases, it becomes essential to look around for other alternatives to impart a fresh and better appeal to the floors too.

Are you also desirous of giving your home space a unique look? Go for hand scraped flooring that would reflect your love for vintage home décor!

Wooden Flooring – The Latest Home Flooring Décor Trend

Flat, glossy and smooth looking wooden floors are quite in vogue these days. Earlier, it used to be difficult task to achieve perfection with regards to level flooring. However, today, high quality level flooring is easily available and serves to be an order of the day. One of the most sought after flooring types are the hand-scraped ones. So, if you are tired of taking care of your existing floor, or are planning to do up your personal space right from the scratch, it would make good sense to invest in the long-lasting goodness of such floors. Go for it.

What is Hand scrapped Flooring?

Hand scraped flooring is a good idea if you want to add a vintage look to your rooms. Hand scraping can be achieved by professionals adept at using certain tools that create their much-needed distressed appearance. Hand scraping is done either by gauging the wood or by scraping the same with wires or brushes. These processes go a long way in bringing out the natural woody look of these floors. Different coloured stains can be used to create the age old look, or the floors can be sanded to create uneven patterns. Either way, you can look forward to gaining the best possible flooring choices for your office or home.

Hand Scraped Floors: Different Types of Surfaces

Hand-Scraped Hardwood either have unfinished surfaces or prefinished surfaces. There are numerous hand scraped finishes available, each of these finishes are different from one another. All of them are one-of-a-kind artwork.  Some of these renowned finishes include Hand Hewn or Rough Sawn with noticeable saw marks and French Bleed which has staining effects that give off the illusion of a bleeding wood. In addition, there are is the popular hand sculpted distressed uniform look; the wire brushed effect that gives a grainy appeal; and the rough texture and time worn aged finish. Extra labor cost is involved in installing hand scraped floors. Ideally, you should hire a professional to do the floor installation for you, so that you get a neat finish for all flooring jobs.

Factors that Make Hand Scraped Flooring a Suitable Option

Hand scraped flooring is way better than all other types of flooring if compared on the metrics of strength, durability and visual appearance. With this type of flooring, you can use your imagination to create unlimited patterns. Different types of wood may be used for creating an overall unique look. Some craftsmen have the ability to make new wood look as if its thousands of years old. Go for them; you will love the impact they manage to create.

These floors are durable because they don’t wear out easily. As they have markings, patterns and scrapes on them already, you need not worry about any scratches and scuff spoiling their appearance. The marks made by your furniture or your child’s toys are not going to stand out or make the flooring look ugly. Hand-Scraped Hardwood allow you to customize the beauty of your floor as per your interior decoration theme. It is up to you to decide how distressed you want your floor to look. If you want the floor to look centuries old, then you need to go in for more scrapes. On the other hand, if you desire your floors to appear only a few years old, then keep a limit on the scrapes and marks; yes, it’s that simple to get the right look that you demand!

How to Keep the Hand Scraped floors Clean

For these floors to retain their look, you have to take good care of the same. Vacuum the floor at least twice a week to keep all dirt off. If there are wet spills, make sure that you wipe the floors as soon as possible, so that they don’t get time to settle down and create nasty stains. Use an absorbent towel while removing such spills. You may like to use mild liquid dish soaps, distilled white vinegar, or water, to remove the stains off the floor. But then, do resist from using excessive water, as it might affect the floor.

Before you install hand scraped flooring, make sure you determine how old you want your flooring to look. With a properly hand scrapped flooring in your rooms, your house / office can achieve the vintage look that you desire.

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