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Designs of Laminate Flooring and Its Features

Designs of Laminate Flooring and Its Features - CarpetExpress

Every home or space is unique, just like the owner. This is the motivation behind the development of extraordinary designs by Quick Step Laminate Flooring

The company has developed an impeccable range of products to match the needs of a dynamic world. The products are developed through the dedicated effort of flooring experts who are trained and have years of experience to horn their skills.

Laminate floors come in a variety of designs. The designed are aimed at matching the dynamic needs of different clients and environments. Some of these designs are listed below with a detailed description of their properties. 


The Quick Step Arte design is inspired by the V-shapes that are perfect for the floor. It is subtle and gives your floor a polished look. 

It comes in a variety of shades including marble Carrara, versatile white oiled, polished natural concrete, leather tile light and leather tile dark. You also have Versailles light and polished concrete dark to choose from. 

The colors and textures are distinct in a way that makes it easier to select. Orders are made online with excellent shipping offers.

Laminate Classic

The classic is inspired by traditional floors but lacks the additional designs of modern flooring. It helps you maintain the classic look of your house through a variety of designs including Enhanced Beech, Enhanced Marble, Reclaimed White Patina Oak, Enhanced Natural Oak Natural Varnished and Bleached White Teak. 

This design has a wider selection and offers an excellent color combination to choose from. The patterns are also stylishly blended to give you the natural look and feel. 


It is manufactured as a response to the demand for multiple bonded strips on floors. Creo helped Quick Step to bring a unique pattern that captured the width of the strips while maintaining the basic elements of each wood type. 

The designs available are therefore unique and elegant which makes them perfect for different personalities. These designs include Oak Natural, Oak Brown, Oak light wood and Oak Grey. 

It is preferred by most modern homes because of its contemporary appeal.

Eligna Wide

As the name suggests, the tiles are wider compared to others in the catalog. The idea is to pull the dimensions of your floor while still maintaining the natural look. With wider planks, you justify the rustic feel on the patterns. 

You have a variety of patterns and textures to choose from including Oiled Light, White Oiled Oak, Reclaimed Chestnut Natural, and Antique. Others are brown Chestnuts, Natural Oiled, Oak Dark and Saw Cut Planks. 

By making an order online, your planks will be shipped to any destination. You get the exact planks as ordered online. 


This is a design for contemporary spaces that still want a feel of the traditional wooden floor. The smooth finish and presence of grains leave you with an elegant space to watch. 

It is one of the signature products by Quick Step that has kept the brand at the top of the industry. Some of the color and texture options available are grouped widely into desert, valley, and woodland. Each of these categories is then split into Oak Light dark, brown or beige. 

You also have an option of grey and warm natural on these varieties. It gives your floor a corporate executive look. 


This is a popular choice because of its tactile appearance. It features numerous small sized tiles that enable you to produce unique designs. 

The tiles can also be laid in linear format depending on personal preference. This is an innovative option with both narrow and wide tiles to select from. There are subtle cross joints that enable you to create either a single joint, double or triple pattern per plank. 

The sizes and patterns help you to manipulate the floor to produce your designed pattern with ease. The shades are dark, white or brown with a range of textures for each shade. 

Impressive Ultra

This is a selection for those interested in the natural look. It gives an extra-hard looking floor with authentic wooden grains. 

The joints are clearly visible along the grains. A unique Hydro-Seal coating is applied to the surface to make your floor waterproof. This coat rates top among the range of waterproof floors ever produced. 

You have a range of colors to choose from including beige, brown, grey, dark and natural oak. 

Laminate Flooring has maintained its leading position in the production of floor materials. Its dynamic collection ensures that the needs of each customer are met. Investment in technology guarantees the best quality, versatile and durable materials.

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