Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Reviews and Features

A Smartstrand carpet makes any interior space look chic and welcoming. Presenting plenty of warm hues and textures, these carpets are fast becoming the first choice for interior designers and homeowners alike.

A SmartStrand Carpet from Mohawk is one of the latest happenings in the flooring industry. It virtually fits every application and carpet need because of its diverse benefits. Made from Dupont’s new polymer called Sorona, SmartStrand carpets are now categorized into a new classification of yarn called Triexta. Yes, you might come across these words when you hear about SmartStrand. 

Now, if you are still wondering why this kind of carpet is significantly gaining a lot of attention in the market, they do know that it is for all the good reasons. Made from most advanced fiber innovation, these carpets offer the highest levels of comfort, beauty, and performance. Their key features are: 

  1. Its ‘forever clean’ feature offers a lifetime full-pet-stain warranty along with soil protection and lifetime stain warranty, even for the ones installed at rented properties. 
  2. Such carpets are partially made using annually renewable plant-based materials so that users are assured of high quality when they buy a SmartStrand stain resistant carpet. 
  3. Its soil protection and permanent in-built stain qualities, combined with exceptional durability, guarantee the highest levels of comfort and beauty; and for years in a row.
  4. The innovative nanoloc spill technology integrated into the making of these carpets enables quick and easy clean-up, thereby making them a perfect choice for families with children and pets.
  5. Smartstrand carpets offer a twisted pile and smooth texture that is ideal for main living areas, stairs, bedrooms, and hallways. 

Eco - Green Friendly

SmartStrand Carpet is manufactured using 37% of Sorona polymer from DuPont. Sorona is a polymer obtained from corn sugar. It’s indeed impressive that carpets can be made using such a renewable resource. If you are looking for an eco-friendly floor, then, in effect, you are also looking for sustainability. Sorona fiber requires less energy to manufacture; also, it produces fewer greenhouse emissions, unlike other fibers and yarns. It also uses landfill gases for producing the energy needed for making the new backing material used in SmartStrand carpets. 


An in-house designed fiber called Treixta is used for the making of a high-quality SmartStrand carpet. This fiber calls for higher durability metrics of the carpets than any other typical nylons. Traditionally, nylons and their hybrids were considered to be the best wearing carpet yarns. With the invention of SmartStrand, the carpet problems related to long-lastingness and strength have been resolved. Such carpets can withstand all kind of foot traffic and durability tests with positive results. It is most ideal for families with pets, children, and high frequency of household accidents.


While the beauty of these carpets is eye-catching, their softness is impeccable. SmartStrand Carpet is soft to touch and has passed barefoot tests with flying colors. These carpets have been fitfully appreciated because of the topical stain-fighting chemicals that give off a healthy and clean environment. Besides, this carpeting is design-smart as well as available in different color patterns. If you add premier cushions underneath these carpets, you can enhance the comfort and plush character of the carpeting and add years of life to them too. 

Stain Resistant 

The polymer used for the making of SmartStrand carpet boasts of unique properties and is both durable and stain resistant. Overall, a SmartStrand Stain resistance carpet allows you to have 100% protection for life. 

SmartStrand Cleaning Guidelines

  1. Stain Removal: Scrape a stain gently by using a fork or knife and try removing solid materials as far as possible. Then, try removing the stain using hot water. If hot water fails to clean the stain, apply a low-residue carpet spot remover. Avoid spreading anything from the outer edge to the center. Blot the area using a clean cloth or paper towel. DO NOT RUB or SCRUB. Avoid using any cleaner with a pH of 10 or more. Before using, ensure that the cleaner doesn’t discolor any part. 
  2. Regular Vacuuming: Most dirt and dust take the form of hardened and gritty particles if not cleaned for long. Regular vacuuming will not only clean your carpet but also enhance its life. Ensure that you vacuum your carpet regularly; use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or rotating brush for more efficient cleaning. 
With a whole new level of silky softness and luxury, Silk SmartStrand Carpet is one of the softest carpets that you will love to install in all your rooms. It is a wonderful combination of the unique qualities of original SmartStrand carpets with added levels of softness. Flaunting a diverse and beautiful range of sophisticated colors, these silk carpets would offer the right dash of style and elegance to every room in your house. 

why these carpets are most preferred in households

  1. A diverse range of sophisticated fashion colors. 
  2. 25 years color retention, and in-built fade resistance properties against ozone levels, UV light, and high sunlight exposure. 
  3. Proven strength and durability for withstanding daily home living challenges. 
  4. Easy-to-clean. 
  5. No chemicals required for major cleaning. 
  6. Soil resistance and lifetime stain warranty; never wash off its color. 
  7. Resists stains from beverages, food and even pet urine. 


You get impressive warranties on a SmartStrand Carpet. Some of these are:
  1. Lifetime Anti-Static 
  2. Lifetime Stain Resistance: Permanent Stain Protection against Acid types spills. 
  3. 15-year Fade Resistance 
  4. 15-year Soil Resistance 
  5. 15-year Texture Retention 
  6. Colourfastness 
  7. Wet fastness 
  8. Lightfastness
  9. Atmospheric Contaminations, etc. 

Featuring all the above warranties, these carpets make for an ideal choice for families with pets, kids, and patients. Since they do not contain any dye sites for spills, they are naturally stain-resistant too. Even when your pet poops or your child vomits on the surface of such carpets, they remain easy-to-clean. The soil shield and advanced noanoloc technology of these carpets encapsulate the fibers of these flooring solutions; hence, its three times easier to clean the soil, pet fur, and dander which is common with household pets. 

So, stop looking any further and dress up your floors with these soft carpets from Smartstrand – you will be glad you did!

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