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Things To Know About Shaw Flooring

Shaw flooring solutions are one the most preferred and reputed manufacturers in the market today. From high-tech engineered collections to genuine solid woods and cutting-edge epic lines, their craftsmen and skilled workers create some of the finest flooring products in the industry. Shaw prides itself on offering high attention to details and is also passionately committed to offering homeowners with the best and most sustainable products. 

Shaw is also engaged in manufacturing collections made specifically from wood by-products; thereby reducing upon milling waste. Moreover, incorporating technological advancements and innovative changes such as Durashield XL, silent-step and Versalock, Shaw remains a trusted manufacturer in offering flooring solutions; and how!

Shaw Hardwood Collections

Shaw hardwood collection is divided into three categories:

  1. Solid: These are cut and milled from a single board and showcase their purest, natural beauty.
  2. Engineered: These hardwood solutions are stacked and bound under pressure and heat for more durable construction; while displaying the feel and look of solid wood. 
  3. Epic: This line features some of the latest advancements in sustainable technology, and is made from EnviroCore recycled wood fibers for giving off high durability with low environmental impact. 

Well, apart from this, the Shaw hardwood family includes many other collections to offer numerous d├ęcor styles ranging from modern to traditional. 

  1. The Grand Canyon collection comprises of bold 8 inches hardwood that exudes time-worn elegance for ageless beauty. 
  2. The Brushed Suede collection displays the appeal of reclaimed wood. 
  3. The Pebble Hill Hickory collection presents rustic yet refined textured patterns with unique shades and distinct wood grains. 
  4. The Chimney rock collection offers staggering board lengths along with high color contrast; ‘an eclectic twist on classic hardwood’. 
  5. For any contemporary design or modern look, mysteriously dark and sleeky shade of Smooth Sailing and Metropolitan maple would be perfect. 

Types of Flooring by Shaw

When it comes to choosing new floorings, one of the main tasks is to decide upon one from among the many options available in the market. With so many flooring companies out there, only a few can live up to and exceed your expectations. Shaw hardwood flooring offers amazing styles to match your house and theme. Some types of floorings offered by Shaw are: 

  1. Hardwood flooring 
  2. Shaw Laminate flooring
  3. Shaw Carpet
  4. Ceramic flooring

High-quality Shaw hardwood flooring allows your home to look elegant and stylish. There are numerous wooden finishes to select from; and unlike other flooring companies, Shaw provides exotic styles and more traditional ones which you shall not find anywhere.If you don’t want the maintenance of hardwood floorings, then you can always go for Shaw laminate flooring. 

With a vast laminate range to boast of, these floors are extremely easy-to-install. Also, the flooring will last longer and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Shaw ensures that the laminate range provides the features of fade resistance, high durability metrics, and longevity. In most cases, ceramic flooring by Shaw promises to match your taste and style; and is considered perfect for kitchens and bathrooms too. 

You may also like to invest in Shaw carpets that are available in a variety of designs, patterns, and textures. Here, there is something for every budget; you can order some samples for testing and then make your decision accordingly.

Shaw floorings are one of the most prominent names in the flooring industry. In fact, more and more homemakers and builders are opting for Shaw flooring solutions for their homes and offices. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of flooring materials like rugs, tiles, laminates, carpets, and hardwood. Not only does the Company boasts about having a wide clientele but also offers an array of choices when it comes to wood sources like walnut and oak.

Advantages of Shaw Hardwood Floors

Being made of hardwood, Shaw floors guarantee numerous benefits. Shaw hardwood floorings have been popular amongst those who look for durability rather than anything else. Strong and thick, this kind of flooring is designed to last for years in a row. Do know that Shaw floorings can last for 30 years! This means that once installed, this flooring will last with you until you grow old. You don’t have to worry about replacing or repairing them anytime soon. 

Another plus point of Shaw hardwood flooring is that it can be installed at cheap rates. The reason behind this is that you don’t have to use glue or any adhesive to keep such floors in place. Shaw products are made using versa lock technology that keeps the flooring together as they are installed.

Unlike other flooring solutions, Shaw hardwood requires little maintenance. There is no need of cleaning the floor rigorously or every day. It is coated with a chemical called aluminum oxide that acts as a shield against abrasions. Also, it’s easier to polish and clean the floor using a polisher or a good mop. 

Demerits of Shaw Hardwood Floors

Despite numerous benefits of Shaw products, there are some flaws as well. To start with, Shaw hardwood is more expensive than ordinary wood. Since these floors are excellent in quality, they are considered as one of the most expensive flooring options on the market today. However, there are many manufacturers who offer discounted Shaw hardwoods. You can find Shaw Hardwood Floors cheap if you invest your time in proper market research. You may like to go to physical outlets and check the type, style, and pattern of floors that you desire for yourself. Also, do browse the internet and buy Shaw hardwood flooring online for getting more savings on your investments. 

Even though you don’t require any adhesives or glue for installing Shaw floors, they may not be cheap to install. First, it is not possible to conduct the installation processes yourself; in most cases, you will require professional help. In case you find it tedious to install Shaw products, it is recommended that you hire professional installation services with one to several years of experience. This will help in preventing money wastage, and will surely save your time with the job getting done in the right way.

Shaw hardwood flooring offers its customers the timeless tradition of hardwood flooring solutions; and with an array of sizes, colors and species in place. Available in engineered and solid construction, it features numerous protection technologies. Along with enduring style, such floors log in lasting beauty. From the light, rich red of cherry floors to natural maple floors, hardwood floorings offer naturally diverse tones to match anybody’s taste. The durability and beauty of Shaw Hardwood floors have no comparison either. Thus, if you’re thinking of redecorating your house, invest in Shaw and you will never be disappointed. 

All the best!

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