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2018 Latest Trends in Flooring for Your Home

2018 Latest Trends in Flooring for Your Home -

Every year comes with new tidings for the flooring industry. 2018 is no different with new trends aimed at offering cost-effective and diverse flooring solutions for each environment. Congoleum flooring, among other top brands, is working hard to meet changing taste needs through innovative materials, designs, and trends. The old styles are also invigorated to offer a new twist for home owners who wish to refurbish or remodel their homes. 

Beyond the professionally installed floors, manufacturers are also working to provide new DIY flooring products that give home owners greater control over projects and reduce expenses. 

If you are planning to update your floor in 2018, you are sure in for a beautiful ride. The flooring products on offer will blow your mind. They come in a variety of designs and colors aimed at meeting the unique expectations of individual home owners. The trends will affect your idea of the floor and carpet. Here are trends that will deliver value for money in 2018 as well as make your floor stylish. 

Fumed Wood Flooring

Manufacturers spice the color of wood floors before sale to provide diversity and enrich the colors. This enriching is done using staining. New technology has allowed manufacturers to still enrich the color and grains without the use of stains. The process is referred to as fuming whereby the wood is stored in a chamber whose air is enriched with ammonia. 

By reacting with ammonia in the air, the color of the wood will change to what the manufacturers desire. The wood acquires a final patina that will be determined by several factors that include the original color of the wood, conditions inside the chamber and exposure after treatment. This means that you can treat two similar planks and get different results. 

The use of fuming will be enhanced to enable manufacturers to obtain the rich, dark and strongly colored grains that come with wood. It makes the final appearance of the wood darker and more luxurious. Fuming does not involve direct application of ammonia on the wood. When it is applied directly, it weakens the grains and may even damage the fibers. Read reviews and consult wood experts like WPC flooring experts to establish the real experiences of other users. 

Blanched And Bleached Wood

Brown staining on wood is not the preference of everyone. For some people, they desire the whitewash appearance that comes with a bleached floor. The process of creating this whitish feel is what is referred to as blanching. 

Like bleaching in any other environment, a chemical is applied to the surface to remove the original color and tone of the wood. This leaves the wood with a naturally looking ash-white appearance. 

Blanching does not interfere with the grains of wood. They can still be visible below the surface. This means that the beauty and charm of natural wood are still maintained. You will just be getting the same wood packaged in a different style. It is easy to complement your overall style or to change the appearance of your house. There is an ancient feel and look whenever you use this design. 

Concrete Tiles And Distressed Wood

Distressed wood has been in use for centuries but remained a preference for a few. However, more people are finding it attractive to use in their homes. It gives your floor a luxurious feel and offers several ‘distress’ degrees to choose from. Hand scrapping on the edges of each plank gives them a distinct feel and appearance. Further, kerf markings and swirls are added to give the wood a historic marking. The gloss is removed by brushing which gives your planks a soft classic feel.

For people who do not prefer wood on their floor, concrete is also being distressed to deliver a unique feel. More home owners are picking the idea to avoid the high maintenance attention required for wood. Just like wood, the concrete is treated artificially to eliminate the polished feel while giving the concrete a worn-out patina feel. 

The beauty of distressed concrete is its ability to complement other decors and installations in the house. It will produce an excellent floor for contemporary homes and industrial setting.

Textured Tiles

The most familiar tiles today are the smooth and shiny porcelain tiles. This has made them common for use on practical bases other than decoration. However, innovative manufacturing has enabled the addition of a unique twist to the use of tiles. They are becoming a decoration too when added to the floor. Texturing means that they lose the glasslike feel. The tiles are being manufactured to imitate other surfaces beyond the appearance. Their texture is twisted to offer a unique texture that would be difficult to distinguish from natural wood or even other materials. 

When textured tiles are installed on your floor, you will experience a different feeling even as you walk on them. For instance, you can install porcelain that resembles natural stones in all aspects. Manufacturers are styling and manipulating the tiles to resemble and incredibly wide variety of surfaces. You are guaranteed diversity in style that will satisfy your taste and expectations. 

Artistic Tiles

Homes are no longer being used as traditional shelters. They are being transformed into art galleries or giving an opportunity to owners to make a statement about art. Technology has enabled tile manufacturers to listen to your artistic idea and manufacture tiles that match the idea. This has led to the emergence of graphic tiles. The ideas and options are endless because technology can almost replicate any art or image. The most common graphic tiles come in monochromic colors. However, manufacturers are accommodating the wild and imaginative ideas of clients to offer multicolored tiles as well as multiple patterns. 

Experts at Congoleum flooring believe that 2018 presents endless options on floors. Anything is possible in 2018 with manufacturers relying heavily on technology to meet the expectations of clients. More home owners will want to make a statement with the appearance of their floors. There are sufficient goodwill and technology to meet dynamic expectations. 

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