Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Essential Tips For Care and Maintenance of Stanton Carpet

Essential Tips For Care and Maintenance of Stanton Carpet-carpetexpress.com

Looking for a new carpet for your home? You can definitely add warmth and color to your home with high quality, branded, stylish, and decorative Stanton Carpets.

Carpets are floor coverings that add softness to all kinds of hard floors. The upper layer of carpets is usually made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene or wool which is heat treated to retain the twist and keep the fibers attached to the backing. 

The kind of cover you choose for your floors has a big impact on the decor and style of your space. You can choose the floor covering first and then revolve your decor around it; or if you are re-doing the floor of your old home and the decor is already there, all you need to do is look for the right kind of floor covering. Well, there is no dearth of choices for your floor coverings. 

Even in the face of plentiful options, you will love to conduct your research online and update yourself with all the designs and patterns of Stanton Carpet that are available in the market. 

There is one for each buyer’s personal style and preference, choose a Stanton carpet that suits your pocket!

Why Should You Prefer Stanton Wool Carpet

Why Wool? 

Well, woolen carpets are known for their comfort and durability. The natural oils present in their fibers make them stain resistant and fire resistant. Wool is non-allergenic; therefore, it does not promote the growth of dust mites and bacteria. Also, a woolen Stanton carpet does not give off harmful emissions, thus making it naturally green and eco-friendly. In most cases, the robust woolen fibers of these carpets ensure that the pile doesn’t flatten over time and bounces back into shape to look as good as new. 

The wool that is used to make Stanton Carpets is biodegradable, renewable and also has a longer shelf life than other fibers. The luxurious wool of these carpets can be dyed to perfection with beautiful rich colors. 

All in all, these stylish and gorgeous carpets are the first choice for homeowners of all ages and different walks of life. You can surely express your personal style with a splash of color with high-quality Stanton Carpets made of wool. 

Wool carpets are not only soft under your foot, but they also offer cushioned protection for the crawling babies in your house. The best part is that they absorb ambient sound and bring down the noise levels in your environment, thereby allowing you to have a comfortable nap - even with children running or walking around in your personal space.

Care and Maintenance of Stanton Carpets

Some carpets have a longer life cycle than the others; it all depends on the style and fiber of the carpet. However, a bit of care and maintenance can increase the life of any carpet. It is normal to find the appearance of a carpet changing due to prolonged use. Regular usage also leads to minor variations in the coloration and textures of rugs and carpets. Therefore, an extra bit of care and precaution can go a long way in enhancing the beauty and appearance of your woolen carpets. Care and maintenance of a Stanton carpet made of wool are a lot easier than the carpets made from other fibers. 

1. Vacuum Carpet At Least Once A Week

Firstly, you need to vacuum your woolen carpets at least once a week. The act does not only increase the life of the carpet but also enhances its beauty. When your carpet is first laid out on the floor of your home, you need to vacuum it frequently so that the dust, surface lint, and fluff are all removed. Then, you should vacuum your Stanton carpets once a week so that all the soil and dirt is removed from the pile of the carpet itself, otherwise cleaning tasks will become extremely difficult for you if the soil finds its way below the pile. High foot traffic zones in your home require more vacuuming than the other areas. While vacuuming, first go against the direction of the pile so that the pile is lifted and the soil and dirt are unsettled and removed. Finish your vacuuming by going in the direction of the pile, so that you can get a uniform finish. A good vacuum cleaner makes the job of maintaining your carpets a very easy one. 

2. Remove Stains, Spillages, Moisture From The Carpet

All spillages on your carpet should be removed immediately by blotting or dabbing away the liquid with the help of white paper towels that also remove excess moisture. It is essential for you to go through the manufacturers’ instructions to ensure that you are using the appropriate methods to remove the stains from your carpet; else, there is a risk of permanently discoloring the area of the spillage without gaining from the applied warranty. Lastly, if the stains are too stubborn and you are not able to get rid of them, then it is recommended that you call in a professional cleaner to deal with the stains.

3. Resist Insects and Pests

During the manufacturing process of Stanton carpets made of wool, insect resistant treatment is applied to keep moths and carpet beetles at bay. In spite of adopting the best practices, some insects and pests may find their way in and infest the carpet. Therefore, it is recommended that you thoroughly vacuum clean your woolen carpets, especially, along with the skirting and under your furniture. In case you find that insects are still persisting, it is advisable to contact a professional pest control operator right away. 

How To Protect Your Stanton Wool Carpet

  1. Place doormats at the entrance of your house so that all soil, dirt, and moisture from footwear is adequately trapped before you or others step into your beautifully carpeted space. 
  2. Heavy furniture pieces generally leave pressure marks on the carpet, therefore, it is recommended that you occasionally move your furniture around and use furniture coasters and chair pads to distribute their pressure. 
  3. You may like to use area rugs in high foot traffic zones of your home so that you can protect your wool carpets from uneven wear and tear. 
  4. Be extremely careful while using chemical cleaners to clean your non-carpeted areas. These chemical cleaners can easily discolor your carpets or leave permanent stains on them. 
  5. Stanton Carpets made of wool are dyed in different rich colors, and like any other dyed material, they are prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended that you draw your curtains, blinds or shades during the period of direct sunlight. 

There is no doubt that Stanton Carpets specialize in producing exquisite carpets that are soft, durable and detailed to perfection. Think no longer; enhance the beauty of your home with Stanton Carpets!