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Types of Armstrong Tiles and Buying Guide

The customers' perception of your business depends largely on the infrastructure and interior design of your establishment. This makes it very important to make the right choice in terms of floor tile, walls, ceiling etc. If you are looking for any of the above, you will find innumerable options, be it in the form of colors, designs, types, or styles. 

Here, you get a fair idea about how reputed flooring brands are making a long-lasting impact on the minds of those who step on the beautiful vinyl, and other kinds of floors, in residential and commercial environments alike. 

Just like Armstrong, one of the prominent dealers in the market today, you will come across plenty of other companies that have mastered the art of making floors an integral part of the décor of offices, stores, hotels, nursing homes, and stores. The tiles and other commercial flooring options used by them in establishments not only accentuate the style of the organization but also beautify the place beyond compare. 

Armstrong Flooring

So, what makes Armstrong Commercial products, and others in the same genre, a perfect fit for your establishment too? As you go through the distinctive products available on the catalogs of their websites, you will observe that along with being beautiful, strong, durable, and stylish, they promise to enhance the existing décor to perfection. 

These qualities surely come in handy when businesses are experiencing busy footfalls. Given their easy upkeep and maintenance requirements, even during such times, a simple cleaning give these floors a brand new look. Apart from offering a bevy of choices in designs, styles, and colors, you would also want to figure out the type of tiling that would best suit your business. 

Here’s a small background check of the flooring types available in home and lifestyle specialty stores. They can be best purchased after considering factors like performance, lifestyle, and style.

Types of Armstrong Tiles:

Biobased Tiling 

This type of flooring is made of renewable components, thus making it extremely popular among organizations that want to promote themselves as 'green enterprises'. Besides giving your establishment a classic appearance, they also help in fulfilling your corporate social responsibility with regards to decreasing the carbon print; by being 100 percent environment-friendly at all times.

Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT) 

Armstrong LVT flooring is also easy to install and maintain and promises to give off a very natural and realistic wooden look. There are two premium vinyl flooring types- Luxe Plank and Alterna, both these variants are available with attractive plank widths and lengths. 


A brand new material called NATURCote UV-coating goes into the making of Linoleum tiling. Apart from offering traditional marbled patterns and unique graphic designs in deep, vivid colors, this kind of Linoleum offers the best functionality and durability measure too. Capable of being maintained via easy cleaning means, they give off their unique sheen for years in a row. 

Vinyl Composition Tiling (VCT) 

Armstrong vinyl flooring is the most popular, durable, and easy to clean floor type with higher levels of resistance to scuffs, stains, spoils etc. 


Brands like Armstrong flooring also offer a huge selection of Armstrong hardwood floors -from elegant to rustic – and have a variety of wood types, colors, and finishes in place. 


Easy to install, with a look and feel of exotic and high-end stone, this kind of flooring alternative can be acquired for a very reasonable cost. Long-lasting and offering good value for its money, laminate floors give off a smart and chic appearance at all times. 

So, gear up to include Armstrong commercial tiling and other contemporary flooring solutions to meet your day-to-day and all future needs to the hilt. These floor types are well-suited for most commercially and personally used venues like hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, discothèques, gyms, casinos, households, corporate setups, etc. With these flooring ideas in place, you can be assured of having pleasant underfoot experiences at all times. 

Factors to Consider while Choosing Floors for Homes

Your selection of flooring will be largely governed by the usage that it is going to face. So, it is important to determine the stress and footfall that your floors will be enduring on a daily basis. In case of households with kids, carpet flooring is recommended as it is easy to clean and maintain. However, in cases where heavy foot traffic is expected, it is advisable to look for a more durable option. 

Different flooring types are required for different rooms in a household, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. For instance, a bedroom may call for flooring that is warmer and more comfortable, whereas an easy to clean tiling is the need of an entryway. Also factoring your budget will serve to be helpful in making the right selection decision, especially in today's market where innumerable options are available for all price ranges.

Way Forward

With the passage of time, there has been a paradigm shift in the ways in which floors are being designed to take more traffic without weathering, or getting spoiled in any way. As you search for such smart vinyl, hardwood, tile, and other flooring ideas online, you will surely come across many lifestyles and home improvement stores that will leave you fascinated with the results. Durable and long-lasting, they always manage to give off firm and smooth underfoot experiences, without fading or losing their natural appeal. Before going ahead with your buy, it is well-advised to assess the state of the floors in the interconnecting areas, existing décor, the texture that would best match up with the furnishings and furniture in your space, and so forth. 

So, are you ready to create an altogether new look for your interiors? Start looking for the best option, today!

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