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Everything You Need to Know About Mohawk Carpet

Everything You Need to Know About Mohawk Carpet -

A carpet determines the warmth of your house and sets the tone for the overall style. A Mohawk carpet has remained one of the classical descriptions of quality and styling flooring carpets. It is preferred because of its soft and warm feeling, giving your home a welcoming atmosphere. 

Beyond that, it tops the chat for the best noise absorbers and versatility for use in different environments. If you have children at home, you should consider the carpet since it provides the perfect play area. Mohawk also offers a wide variety of fabrics, including their own SmartStrand, polyester, and nylon, among others. This is a guarantee that you can get any material and properties you desire.

Why choose Mohawk over other carpets?

Mohawk is a highly innovative type of carpet and a leader in its market segment. 

Carpet experts have cited the top reasons you should choose Mohawk over other types of carpets. Here are some of the reasons.

Wide selection

Each client has unique needs and desires of his floor. Mohawk appreciates that and thus provides the widest variety of carpets. You are at liberty to choose from different styles, colors, fibers, and patterns. There are carpets specially designed for residential and commercial floors. This is a guarantee that your personal taste and expectations about your floor will be met.


Mohawk remains the most technologically innovative carpet manufacturer. Technology has been incorporated to make the carpet easy to clean as well as resistant to stains. For instance, the Mohawk SmartStrand technology ensures that your carpet is friendly to children and pets. It also prevents a buildup of dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet. This is a guarantee that your home or office will always be clean and tidy.


Mohawk is a flooring maker. It turns your floor into a comfortable and soft surface. To the eyes, Mohawk is an impressively smooth surface. When laid on the surface, it feels comfortable and smooth to walk on. This is what has compelled more people to install the carpet especially in order to enhance the image of the home or office. The density of the carpet ensures that your floor is even and comfortable to walk on.


The weaving pattern and the fiber used in the manufacture of Mohawk guarantees durability. It will last long in the face of heavy traffic and even dirt. Technology has also been used to enhance the quality of the strands. This is one of the factors that have enabled the carpet to last long even on a floor that receives heavy traffic. It will take years before you think of changing this carpet.


Homes and offices require insulation from sound and heat, especially during extreme weather conditions. A Mohawk will provide the best insulation against adverse weather conditions. It keeps your floor protected from extreme changes in temperature. When it is too hot, the carpet will keep your interior cool. When the temperature changes to be too cold, those walking on the surface will still feel warm. This will reduce your heating and cooling bill regardless of extreme weather conditions.


It takes a certain density to protect the floor from noise. Mohawk is built with incredible density to absorb noise and keep your room extremely quiet. The density does not prevent ladies on pointed shoes from walking on the surface. This is a perfect rag for upstairs where you still want to maintain discretion of movement.


Dou you want to buy cheap carpetDespite the incredible features and benefits offered by Mohawk, the prices remain within the range of many buyers. It ranks top among the carpets that offer incredible value for money. The carpet also remains durable and elegant on all surfaces it is used. This reduces the need for regular refurbishing and renovation of the floor.

Reviews of Mohawk reveal a carpet that is growing in popularity. In response, manufacturers are improving its performance with incorporation to technology to enhance stain resistance and make the carpet strong enough to withstand heavy traffic. The carpet offers a unique package that guarantees excellent value for money for the long term.

Keeping Mohawk Floor Sparkling Clean

The quality of fabric and weaving that go into the manufacture of Mohawk give you an opportunity to own the most elegant and satisfying floor. However, you will be required to keep the carpet clean and in good condition if the floor is to remain exquisite. You do not need to hire a professional cleaner or use expensive methods to keep the carpet clean. Here are tips you need to follow as proposed by Mohawk specialists.

Mat at the entrance

A rag at the entrance of the room will keep away debris and soil pebbles from your carpet. It is this debris that gets stuck in your carpet leading to damage.

Regular vacuuming

A carpet should be cleaned thoroughly twice or three times in a year. However, regular vacuuming will keep the rag free of stains and prevent dust and dirt from clogging the yarns. Use the right vacuuming machine and procedure every time you are working on your carpet.

Remove the stain first

Stains are normal on the floor. They come in water-soluble and oil-based varieties. Use the right substances and follow instructions to avoid damaging the fiber as you work on the stain. Failure to work on the stain first increases the possibility of spreading the stain to other parts of the carpet.

Professional installation

The process of installation determines the integrity of your floor. When an initial installation is conducted professionally, the floor will serve you well for years. If an installation is not professional, it will be a source of a headache throughout its lifespan.

The choice of Mohawk carpet is a rewarding one with excellent value for money. This durable carpet can be used for residential as well as commercial flooring. With incredible variety in terms of texture, style, color and patterns, you are guaranteed to get a carpet that meets your expectations.

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