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Benefits of Using Sisal Carpet For Your Living Space

Sisal carpets add more elegance and a sense of refinement to any given space. Here’s why you should be including it in your home or office as well.

Sisal is also referred to as Sisal hemp, as from centuries in a row, hemp has remained as a chief resource for fiber for the making of floor coverings and carpets. 

How would you like to know a little more about the world of sisal and why the contemporary lot is looking for smarter ways of bringing it goodness home?

A small peep into the world of sisal

Traditionally, sisal is used for the making of twine and rope. It is also used for the manufacturing of cloth, paper, wall coverings, dartboards, and carpets. For almost one-fourth of a century, sisal also stands tall as a rich quality floor covering. Sisal rugs are made of natural plant fibers and are woven out of the same. 

In general, this useful, organic fiber has properties like resilience and durability, just like coir, jute, and hemp rugs that many artificial materials fail to provide. 

The production of Sisal fiber is undertaken from a cactus plant known by the name of Agave Sisalana that grows in Brazil and Africa. This cactus plant thrives in arid deserts and needs little or no water for its sustenance. This particular type of cactus plant is farmed for its tensile fibers that are used for making twine and ropes. 

The fibrous stalks of this plant are first cut and then dried; a post which the dried parts are treated in order to produce tan-tinted measurement lengthwise. Superior quality rugs and carpets can be weaved thereafter from the dried parts. Sisal is known to be 100 % biodegradable and is robust, durable and sustainable in nature.

Here we have listed some of the benefits of using sisal carpet for your living space

It has marvelous stain resistant properties

As it has stain resistant properties, there is no need to make use of chemicals to clean the materials made from sisal. This feature unknowingly ensures that its users are miles away from harmful chemicals. 

Does not involve building up of static electricity 

It does not build up static electricity which mostly all carpets build up on windy and dry days. Owing to this property, a sisal carpet can be safely used in an office that boasts of numerous computers and other equipment that is affected by the presence of static electricity while operating. 

Durable and no compression 

Long-lasting and durable, this raw material doesn’t wear off easily like wall to wall carpeting, nor does it compress after a few months of use.

Smart choice over artificial products 

100% natural, and extremely versatile and strong, a sisal carpet would be the ideal choice for areas that have to endure elevated traffic areas like the hallways. Due to its high versatility measures, it can be used for weaving different kinds of products.

Can be used along with wool and seagrass 

These carpets have the ability to be woven along with other textile materials like seagrass or wool; thereby giving off the combined benefits of both fibers.

Excellent sound insulation 

Natural noise insulation is one of the added benefits of using a sisal carpet.

Use of natural dyes make discoloration stay away from the carpets

This organically grown material can be dyed using natural dyes and is made available in the markets in a wide range of styles and colors. It does not involve the use of artificial colors; so there are no issues pertaining to fading caused by sunlight or other natural means.

Health benefits of using Sisal 

Being 100% natural, Sisal is also recommended to people who are prone to allergies or are suffering from ailments like asthma. By installing a discount sisal carpet, users can keep breathing hazards at bay.

Check out few of drawbacks or restrictions on using Sisal products

  1. The only place where synthetic sisal cannot be put to use is wet or damp and high humidity areas like kitchens, basements or bathrooms. 
  2. As it is an organic element, the chances of developing water stains cannot be negated. 
  3. Wholesale sisal rugs cannot be used outdoors as a result of their high water absorbing qualities.
  4. Direct exposure to the sun’s rays is capable of spoiling the natural sheen of Sisal materials. Remember, all fibres, whether un-dyed or dyed, change their color if they are exposed to sunlight for a long time. So, in case Sisal rugs and carpets are placed out in the sun for drying or removing mites, they must be turned regularly. 

How to maintain your Sisal Carpet

Sisal is relatively trouble-free to maintain. This natural vegetable fiber is known to have magnetizing properties and therefore does not attract dust. Natural vegetable fibres are highly absorbent and thus they can expand and shrink because of changes in the humidity levels or the surroundings. Maintaining the natural beauty of these rugs is important so that their usage can be prolonged. These simple measures can be adopted for taking care of your rugs/ carpets made of sisal too:

  1. Vacuuming: Vacuuming should be practiced at least once or twice a week. Doing so ensures that the fine dust elements that get fixed or sandwiched between the fibres, and can cause additional wear and tear, are removed. For good results, a vacuum with adjustable brushes and a powerful airflow would serve to be the best option. 
  2. Immediate removal of spills: As these carpets are excellent absorbents when exposed to excessive dampness or wet areas, they might shrink or show signs of puckering. Do know that steam cleaning, shampooing, and wet-cleaning of sisal materials brings no good and may lead to the spoiling of this material. 

Prefer professional carpet cleaner

Calling upon the services of a professional for periodic cleaning and dry extraction of dust, mites and other accumulated pollutants is a good idea as well. The correct approach towards cleaning sisal based carpets would be by testing the cleaning material on a lesser visible area and based on the results, using the same on other affected areas. This can be best undertaken with the help of a professional. Thus, before starting the cleaning process, it is wise to call for professional assistance and thereafter proceed with all given instructions accordingly. 

There is no dearth of options with regards to discounted carpets online. You may like to invest in wholesale Sisal rugs, or browse through the many categories of sisal rugs online for decking up your rooms in a more elegant fashion. Sisal is easy to buy and use as it provides low-cost maintenance and plenty of added benefits. We are sure that after knowing about the many pluses of this carpet, you are ready to invest in this winning product? Do so today!

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