Monday, 25 April 2016

Types of Laminate Flooring - Installation and Care Tips

Laminate flooring solutions are making it to the top of the list of designers, interior decorators, and owners alike. Durable and good-looking, they will make your head turn too!

Trying to choose the new flooring for the house or the workspace can be a tad difficult if you do not know what to choose, and where to buy from. At present, there are various types of floorings that are available in the market, though only very few suit the space that needs to be decorated. Be it an office space or a house, each space has its own flooring needs. 

For instance, even in the same house, if one is very conscious about the interior decor of the place, choosing a different type of flooring will help to maintain the integrity of the flooring, and thereby the whole space.

To put in simple words, it can be said that the type of flooring that is used in bathrooms or the kitchen cannot be used in bedrooms or the living room. While we are on this subject, let us see what the laminate flooring has to offer in terms of flooring and home decor. 

What are laminate floorings?

These types of floorings have various layers of synthetic flooring products that have been fused together with the help of lamination; they are called laminate floor tiles or laminate floorings. Having simple installation, this particular type of flooring has gained immense popularity in a short period of time and has been the choice of flooring for one and all - be it office space or a household. 

These types of floorings also have the ability to stimulate the look of an actual stone or wooden flooring with their layers of laminated flooring sheets. The inner sheets in these floor options are composed of fiber materials or resins that have the ability to withstand high wear and tear. 

Types of durable laminate floor tiles

The laminate floorings that are currently available in the market are available in various textures, shapes, colors, and patterns. These options help to bring out the decor of the place if installed at the right places, and in the right way. Interesting patterns can be incorporated into these laminated tiles by a simple process of lamination. All that manufacturers have to do is combine two different sheets with variations in their patterns and fuse them together and form a new laminated tile. 

There is no limit to the designs that can be incorporated into such tiles. Mention the type of design that you need in the laminate flooring and you can have it. The most common types of laminated tiles found in the market are, 

  1. Stone patterned tiles 
  2. Wood laminate floors 
  3. Normal laminate floor tiles, and so forth. 

Installing the laminate floorings

These laminate floorings are completely easy to install and can be put together by simple DIY techniques or by following the instruction manual for installation. Professional help needs to be sought only if owners require no hiccups in installation, or if the place that needs the flooring requires a lot of pre-treatment for imparting good results. 

There are many variations when it comes to installing laminate flooring; these include:

Click type laminated tiles

These types of tiles have a socket and joint kind of setting at the edges. The tiles, regardless of their shape, can be placed in the formation next to the other, just by making sure that the joint sits perfectly into the socket. All one has to do is click the tiles in place to install them. This is less expensive and does not take up much time. 

Glue type laminate tiles

These types of laminate floorings need to be glued together and the end result is sturdy and durable laminate flooring. Compared to click type flooring, the installation of such floors takes time and is a bit expensive too. 

Pre-glued laminated tiles

These types of floors are glued prior to purchase but need to be moistened before installing them in the required place. Moistening these tiles activates the glue to show their action. 

Proper care for the laminated tiles

After installation of these tiles, the laminated flooring solutions need some regular care and maintenance to make sure that they have a longer lifetime. 

  1. The laminated surfaces have to be cleaned regularly since the dust and other small particles on the floor can scratch the surface and leave marks. 
  2. Since these floors have fibers and resins in them, they need to be kept dry; the flooring may swell in size if the water is allowed to sit on the surface for a long period of time. 
  3. Dragging furniture pieces around can also leave scratch marks. To avoid that, soft adhesive pads can be placed on the legs of the furniture, thereby making the tip of their legs soft on the floors. 
  4. If there are gaps in the flooring tiles, they need to be tapped back into place to avoid any kind of dust or small particles from moving within the gaps. 

Purchasing discount laminate flooring

These days, people have the liberty to purchase laminated flooring tiles directly from the manufacturers or online, wherein, wood laminate floorings can be purchased at a discounted price. 

In most cases, manufacturers offer attractive deals to help their customers purchase these laminated flooring without any fuss. When the warranty is considered, manufacturers generally provide different rates for office spaces and households. Usually, residential space owners have a bigger chance of getting a lifetime warranty on these laminated floorings. 

When purchased in bulk, further discounts can be obtained on their wholesale rates as well.

Way Forward

Laminate flooring has been the choice of flooring for households and office spaces for many decades. With loads of benefits that this type of flooring has in store, especially when compared to other flooring types, has put the flooring type on the front. 

Apart from the usual benefits, laminated floors and tiles are known for their safe, organic compositions that make them so desirable. All in all, laminated floorings are here to stay and continue to solve the flooring needs of most people. 

Go for it!

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