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Milliken Carpet Styles - Why You Should Prefer Milliken?

Milliken carpets and floor coverings are known for their innovative designs and sustainability. Milliken creates exceptional carpet products to enhance the beauty and elegance metrics of any given environment. 

This blog throws more light on the company’s increasing popularity.

Milliken combines unique technologies with smart designs and insights to come up with more colorful and customizable floor coverings. 

Yes, Milliken Carpet owns an extensive list of awards for its state-of-the-art products. The innovative styling and meaningful design of the company’s many products result in an aesthetically pleasing collection of floor coverings. 

Milliken had started off in 1865 from a small wooden fabrics business in Portland, Maine. Today, it is a globally recognized brand courtesy its excellent customer services. 

Milliken has been improvising upon its flooring products to not only meet the requirements of its users but also make sure that there is a minimum negative impact on the environment. The American company offers over 20 exclusive collections, out of which some collections comprise of sub-collections with over 50 assortments. These assortments make use of recycled materials without compromising upon the quality of products in any way.

Milliken Carpet Tiles

Among the various flooring solutions available in the market, carpet tiles seem to be the most popular choice as they can be used for remodeling rooms individually. Milliken is also one of the most popular names in carpet tiles manufacturing. It is known for its durability, captivating designs, robustness, and sustainable production methods. Milliken tiles have a 12-year manufacturer warranty for ordinary wear while lifetime guarantee is offered for covering its anti-static properties. 

These products are usually in the form of multi-purpose tiles that can be laid in various patterns like broadloom or checkerboard patterns. They feature a variety of attractive colors and looped surfaces as well. 

Once installed, Milliken carpet tiles will give a unique feel to every different area of your house. Here, rich collections have something to offer for every new look or feel you aspire to give to your home. 

These high-quality floor tiles are protected with an antimicrobial solution for ensuring healthy and hygienic living conditions. There are several impressive collections offered by the company like Milliken Formwork, Laylines, Nordic stories and Watercolor Lesson. 

These solutions are comfortable, affordable and available in an incredible range of colors. Some of the favorite collections are:

1. Milliken Laylines

Milliken Laylines is an amazing collection of Milliken Carpets that offers a broad spectrum of 92 different colors. The premium color palette will provide you with just the right tones that you wish to have, whether it is bright pink or light gray. The designs give a sophisticated look through their subtle irregular stripes. You could be creative with these colors and have your own striped, chequered patterns or other highlights of your choice.

2. Milliken Formwork

The tiles in this category are resilient and have a long lifespan. They can be used in offices, busy entrances or hallways without thinking twice. Since much of the used material is in the form of recycled content, these products are mainly preferred by the environmentally conscious people. In this Collection, the cushion backing of tiles consists of 90% recycled materials that serve as excellent sound absorbers. These loose-laying carpet tiles are incredibly easy to install. As there is no need for adhesives, the installation processes are faster and cheaper.

3. Milliken Nordic Stories

This Collection consists of a unique combination of colors and textures. These designs are inspired by Scandinavian countries as they were the collective contributors in defining the contemporary design culture of such flooring alternatives. There are four sub-collections under this assortment; these are, Milliken Hidden Plains, Milliken Isograd, Milliken Tectonic and Milliken Extreme contrasts. These designs portray the modern culture of the north and skillfully depict folklores and landscapes. The tiles are ideal for residential areas because of their robust and eco-friendly nature.

4. Milliken Watercolor Lesson

This Collection offers yet another unique palette of colors to convey soothing sensations. The simplicity of designs in this range of products creates a relaxing atmosphere. The assortment has a range of over 20 different colors and features a 12-year warranty. The Collection is not just beautiful but is also suitable for heavy commercial use.

Simple to Install

The carpet tiles are available with physical dimensions of 50cm X 50cm. You can easily layer them on harsh surfaces. With this floor solution in place, you may look forward to getting comfortable and soothing surfaces with improved floor quality and sound isolation. Milliken has a unique design concept called Omni that lets you freely choose the ways in which you wish to arrange the tiles. These tiles do not emit any volatile organic compounds so you can be sure that the quality of air will not degrade in any way in your rooms. As they are thick and sturdy, they will not slip or move around too.

Better Quality

Milliken carpet tiles have Comfort Plus backing; they are capable of improving upon the ambient and sound acoustics by absorbing 50% of extra noise. These tiles use 100 % recycled nylon, hence, durability and retention of appearance are ensured. The Comfort Plus Backing offers support to the underfoot, so there is a reduction of leg muscle fatigue by 24% as well. These carpet tiles can increase the productivity of retail and hospitality industry as the employees in these sectors have to keep standing at most times across the day, and they are relieved of their pain courtesy the cushioning effect of these products. 


Milliken Carpet has followed a staunch recycling policy since 1900. The Company goes at length for reducing all negative environmental impacts. It maintains transparency of all of its stakeholders and communities; with all relevant details being clearly visible in the annual sustainability reports. 

Here, the latest Life Cycle Assessment technologies are used for minimizing waste and maintaining the right quality metrics.

Milliken Area Rugs

Milliken area rugs are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Their innovative styling and materials are capable of giving your internal spaces any look and feel you want. Milliken carpets make use of premium quality Nylon fiber. With the usage of finest quality raw materials, these flooring solutions offer the highest levels of durability and attractiveness with ease. They use carefully chosen dyes to ensure minimum fading. These carpet tiles from Milliken use a smart digital patterning technology that is capable of producing a wide range of sizes and scales. Milliguard stain resistance prevents soil accumulation and aids in smooth soil removal while cleaning. These carpets go through an antimicrobial treatment, so they last longer and provide a healthy living atmosphere for you and your family at all times. 

Get Milliken carpets and tiles home, you will love their underfoot feel!

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