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Why Should Prefer Armstrong Vinyl For Residential Flooring

Why Should Prefer Armstrong Vinyl For Residential Flooring -

Are you looking for beautiful, seamless and easy to maintain flooring solutions at affordable prices? 

Your search ends with Armstrong Vinyl flooring, which is undisputedly among the best in its category.

Decor ideas suited to Armstrong Vinyl

The first question that arises in the mind of a homeowner or interior designer is what style of decor should be the central theme of the house? 

Is the theme traditional, transitional or modern? 

Vinyl is one of the best options with styles from traditional plank style sheets (which seamlessly create a wooden floor feel) to edgy contemporary designs that flaunt bold colors and patterns. 

Most homeowners, decorators, and interior designs love the look and feel imparted by Armstrong Vinyl, are you one of them?

Are you looking towards decorating a commercial area with large volumes of traffic? 

If yes, then you may like to check out the various kinds of vinyl floors that are up for grabs before freezing your purchase. Sheet vinyl flooring is durable, flame retardant, easy to install and maintain. It is also a very good product to use in businesses like hotels, malls and high maintenance spaces that need refurbishment every couple of years to keep the venue looking crisp and new.

Affordable and fuss-free, vinyl flooring is a dream come true for buyers from all walks of life and different budgets for their flooring tasks.

Armstrong Vinyl flooring for home decor

Not too long ago, vinyl was considered to be the poor cousin to marble, wood, and granite. Even tiles were considered classier than vinyl. But times are changing very fast. 

Today, those cheap shiny plastic like vinyl flooring solutions are history. LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile is the modern version of vinyl flooring that has skewed the market demand for the product profitably.

  1. Luxury finishes are available in both heterogeneous chip designs and homogenous single finishes. The floors with edgy chip designs may combine both textural and color contrasts for giving off a very natural look. 
  2. Vinyl no longer needs to be restricted to areas of the house that are utilitarian like the laundry and mud rooms. The versatile finishes and thick upper layers of Armstrong Vinyl ensure luxurious finish to all parts of residential and commercial spaces; just go for it.
  3. Doll up your bedroom or living room with directional color schemes available in Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Add elements of nature with wooden finish tiles that look exactly like the real thing but are eminently easier to maintain. Bathrooms and kitchens can also be finished with vinyl tiles, this is because these tiles are seamless and when properly installed, also discourage the seepage of water.
  4. Vinyl is stain proof, scratch proof, moisture repellant, fungus repellant, and most importantly, flame retardant, making it one of the most intelligent choices for your home.
  5. Armstrong Vinyl is easy to install, and if you are good with your hands, you may well be able to install it yourself with the help of DIY videos. If it is a new home you are furnishing, you just need to fill in the cracks and put in the flooring. You might want to tear out the flooring in an old home that you are refurbishing to avoid moisture seepage and grout lines.
  6. The Vivero collection of Armstrong Vinyl is perfect for your home as the designs in this range do not warp, and can be easily installed over pre-existing sub floors- thus making installation cheap and easy. 
  7. The multi-purpose trim is available for almost every level of your dream home, be it the landing, the staircase or step downs. You may like to invest n such trims for imparting a decent look to any space in your environment.
  8. The Alterna collection sports designs in multiple finishes like marble, slate, concrete with inlaid motifs, weathered metal, travertine, timber and even linen, making it a great choice for all your rooms.

Armstrong vinyl is not only for your floors!

Do not believe for a moment that Vinyl is restricted to flooring. It is a beneficial product to cover your walls with. A lot has been spoken about the quality of Vinyl tiles that make them a good alternative for floors. The same affordability, luxurious feel and easy maintenance criteria apply to wall finishes also.

  1. Renaissance saw the trend of covering walls with stone, wood, and silk. You would love to try using such vinyl planks and tiles too. Architectural Remnants, Rustic Premium and Coastal Living Patina range from the Armstrong Vinyl offer stable to stunning effects and are certainly the way to go. The beauty of natural elements, especially the ones that have undergone natural wear and tear, make for very realistic and unique decor for your home.
  2. Matching trim is also readily available to impart a professional and seamless look to your walls. These trims not only ensure protection to the walls from moisture and damp but also give a very sophisticated polish to your walls. Appropriate molding also adds to the ambiance and completes the look that you are aiming for. So do invest in the finish of your choice and watch your room come alive with easy and inexpensive decor ideas!

Caring for your Armstrong Vinyl Floors and walls

There are a host of maintenance products available to help keep your Vinyl flooring in mint condition. You may use these products to maintain a high gloss and ensure the longevity of your vinyl tiles. 

Let us discuss how we can best look after our new decor option.
  1. It is advisable to sweep the floors regularly but avoid the beater option on the vacuum cleaner.
  2. You may wipe the floor and walls regularly with cleaning products available with Armstrong flooring according to the instructions given on the package. Normal cleaners may be harmful to the acrylic used for grouting vinyl tiles. 
  3. It is essential to avoid scuffing or gouging off your floor when shifting heavy furniture or appliances by using a plank to walk the stuff across.
  4. Use of furniture pads may help reduce indentation marks.
  5. Natural woven mats placed outside doors may help reduce the accumulation of dirt and moisture onto the vinyl, thereby increasing its life. 
  6. Normal waxes and shines may also be detrimental to the vinyl flooring, so it is best to avoid using them.
  7. Scrubbing with heavy-duty brushes or scrubbers is an absolute disaster in the making!

Your dream home within your reach

Indulge in your passion for creating your dream home with gusto. If so required, professional inputs from the Armstrong Vinyl team are just a phone call away. So go ahead and grab your slice of life – you will not be disappointed.

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