Thursday, 24 November 2016

Mannington Vinyl - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Mannington is a leading manufacturer of high quality and elegant flooring products. One of the most notable products of this brand is the Mannington Vinyl carpet. 

It comes in a variety of designs and specifications that make it perfect for use in corporate offices, residential houses and commercial spaces.


Mannington produces two types of vinyl products for use on the floor.

1. Sheet vinyl flooring

The material is sold in sheets that are six or twelve feet wide. Sheet vinyl flooring rolls can be cut into size depending on the shape and size of your floor. They are either laid on the ground or pressed using glue to keep them in place.

2. Tile vinyl flooring

Mannington vinyl tiles are available in squares of 9” or 12”. These sheets can also be reduced to sized depending on the area they are being applied. The tiles are more laborious to apply.

Sheet flooring makes the underlying surface more resistant to water and other liquids. The ease in laying the sheet vinyl also makes many people opt for it over the tiles. It is perfect for DIY flooring. 

However, the tile vinyl floor offers an elegant appearance that is desirable for most homes. The resultant look resembles a ceramic floor. It is, therefore, a more affordable way of achieving that luxurious wood finish.


1. The floor is durable

Compared to all other materials of a related price, vinyl lasts the longest. It can withstand a lot of traffic including heavy items being dragged on the surface. This minimizes the need for constant repair and maintenance.

2. It can withstand very heavy traffic

Vinyl is a very resilient material. This explains why it is used for commercial purposes. It gives you a luxurious feel especially for corporate spaces without having to spend a fortune. Even when subjected to heavy traffic, the surface remains in excellent form for the longest time.

3. It is noise free

Noise-free surfaces are mostly made of fabric and therefore are difficult to maintain. However, with vinyl sheets or tiles manufactured by Mannington, you are guaranteed a silent floor that looks luxurious and elegant, yet is easy to maintain.

4. Easy to install

This is one of the flooring materials that you can install without having to engage or pay a specialist. All you need is to ensure a flat and smooth surface. Lay the sheet down either using an adhesive or without one if the floor is temporary.

5. Available in a variety of patterns

The appearance on the floor sets the mood for the entire room. Vinyl sheets come with different patterns that can change the appearance of your floor. The variety allows you to meet your taste expectations.

6. It is perfect when you have children

The floor is comfortable and warm to walk on, especially if the sheet is thick. The ease of maintenance and the fact that it does not soak water makes it perfect for bringing up children. Stains like crayons and beverages do not stick on the floor.


Before looking at the disadvantages, it is worth noting that suitability depends on personal preference and the uses a certain area is put into. What one person may consider a disadvantage may be an advantage to another person. 

Consult our vinyl flooring experts here to know the best option for your floor. Here are some of the disadvantages to consider.
  • Vinyl floors are not able to withstand heavy loads. It gets worse when the load is dragged on the surface. The floor is either torn or left with marks that make it rough and unpleasant to watch.
  • It is easily perforated by sharp objects. This means that vinyl flooring cannot be done in rooms or areas where sharp objects like nails. There is also the likelihood of chairs perforating the vinyl flooring.
  • The color may fade or be damaged by chemicals. Due to regular cleaning, especially wiping, the color on sections that are frequently used may fade. It may also peel off when such substances as acids spill on the surface. Fading calls for a total replacement which will add to your expenses.
  • Extreme temperatures will damage the vinyl. Nature is vinyl is that it melts easily when subjected to extreme heat. It might therefore not be appropriate for certain surfaces. Experts will guide you on how to circumvent this challenge.

Mannington vinyl flooring is a versatile option for corporate, commercial and residential spaces. With expert assistance, you will make the best choice in terms of color, texture, and thickness. This is a cost-effective way of having elegant interiors.  

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