Friday, 29 May 2015

Why You Should Choose Congoleum Flooring

Congoleum is known traditionally as a flooring manufacturer for commercial grade. These tiles are mostly used for industrial settings and business houses. However, in recent times, such type of flooring is also used for residential purposes as people have begun to explore with their home d├ęcor.

Gone are the days of old-style ceramic tiles. The new sensation is Congoleum flooring

These are durable and feel easy on your legs. Most importantly, these tiles are affordable along with being extremely good looking.

Various benefits of Congoleum

The moment you step on a flooring of Congoleum tiles, you will feel like walking on some good quality carpet. 

Being easy and comfortable for your feet, these tiles are an excellent choice for residential purposes along with commercial establishments too. Especially during the winter season, these tiles will be loved as walking on ceramic flooring is nothing less than a nightmare. 

Ceramic tiles usually require you to wear heavy socks to beat the chill. With Congoleum, you will not need additional coverage for your feet as these tiles naturally ensure that your feet are kept warm. This saves on your electricity bills too as a use of heaters will be reduced significantly.

When you opt for reputed providers of Congoleum flooring, you can expect a lifetime warranty that is beneficial for the periodic care of these tiles. 

Aspects such as cracking, fading, chipping and staining can be addressed due to this warranty. 

This is also the reason why most designers will recommend to use these tiles for your flooring. This is also the reason for making these tiles a leader in market spaces.

Being less costly than the ceramic tiles, Congoleum tiles are also easy to install. They are also easy to remove, thus helping in replacements without residue or damage to your flooring. 

This also reduces the cost of replacement. It provides a stylish look to your flooring too. Being durable, it withstands harsh conditions and does not crack easily.

A perfect flooring

People always expect a perfect flooring for their spaces. This is where Congoleum flooring scores, as it provides a stylish look at affordable costs. This has risen the popularity of such flooring. 

Durability and ease of installation have made these tiles a preferred choice for remodeling firms and interior designers globally. So if you intend to have an elegant floor at low costs, then Congoleum is a perfect choice.

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