Friday, 19 June 2015

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring and It's Features

luxury vinyl tile

One segment in the industry of flooring has yet to receive the kind of attention it rightly deserves. Though interior designers and other professionals in this industry are largely attracted to this segment, they have somehow failed to filter this attraction down to end consumers. 

What is being discussed here is a sheet vinyl flooring.

There are numerous benefits of using vinyl tiles for your flooring. Luxury pieces of vinyl are manufactured with utmost care to ensure that they suit aesthetics and beautify spaces wherever they are installed.

Give Amazing Look With Extensive Textures and Amazing Colors

Many will argue that vinyl flooring does not have the graining, character and look that is associated with real hardwood. However, this is not true. The latest technology enhancements have ensured that the final product you achieve for vinyl is one that has amazing looks that can even surpass those provided by wood flooring.

The extensive textures and amazing colors are admirable. This is proved by the fact that when you visit some big office spaces, commercial establishments or homes of some celebrities, the flooring is laden with luxury vinyl tiles. Designers to have the option of choosing any luxury material for flooring; however, even they opt for vinyl when considering floors for homes and office spaces.

Capture Timeless Looks With Luxury Vinyl

The luxury vinyl tile is designed in such a way that it is able to capture timeless looks that are similar to stone tiling, ceramic floors, and wood planks.

Moreover, the durability aspect associated with such tiles ensures that you obtain comfortable surfaces that last long. You can choose from a range of fashionable designs; right from rustic to contemporary looks.

You can also achieve stunning realism to deep embossing features with such tiles. These tiles are installed using grout or also without grout for providing ceramic or true stone appearance.

Some Benefits Of  Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • Availing of timeless beauty at affordable cost is a real thing with luxury vinyl flooring
  • These tiles adhere to green standards; thus being environment-friendly
  • Safety features such as slip-resistance and adherence to flammability codes
  • Easy to maintain as just damp mopping can perform your job
  • Available in varied sizes, designs, and colors so as to suffice different tastes and needs
  • Resistant to water, thus negating water seepage
  • Specialized layers ensure that these tiles are stain and scratch resistant
  • Exceptionally durable; thus ensuring long life
  • In spite of amazing qualities, these tiles are not very costly

Many people still think about industrial vinyl or some linoleum products when they talk about vinyl flooring. 

However, times have significantly changed for good and the new entrants of vinyl flooring in the market are not only attractive but are also durable.

Moreover, these tiles are considered as the easiest to install surfaces and hence are favorites of designers and handymen. Their good looks attract end customers and their amazing qualities with regards to resistance ensure that they are traffic ready; immediately post installation.

So find some good avenue from where you can get good quality vinyl and watch your spaces being beautified.