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Why Diverse Industries Prefer Shaw Carpet

Why  Diverse Industries Prefer Shaw Carpet -

Looking for a cutting-edge designer carpet that is easy to install and maintain?

Shaw is the brand that gives you cutting edge and sustainable design ideas to create the perfect look. Beautify your premises and be ecologically sound at one stroke.

History of Shaw

Way back in 1946, a small business named Star Dye Company set up a dyeing unit for tufted scatter rugs. By way of good quality products, innovative designs, great service and a desire to create customer satisfaction, this small business entity was catapulted into the list of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world. 

Shaw Carpet, as it is called now, fulfills the need for practical, innovative and functional flooring in commercial and residential spaces alike. If you have been waiting to lay your hands on the finest floor solutions, then durable and resistant carpets by Shaw serve to be the right choice for you!

Diverse User Segments that use Shaw Carpets

There are multiple uses and customizations for flooring needs. Diverse industries have their own set of flooring needs that have to be looked into with careful consideration by floor installers and their users alike. 

Shaw carpets take pride in catering to the needs of industries across the spectrum.
  • Educational institutions require flooring alternatives that are safe, non-slippery and resistant to the tell-tale marks caused by high traffic across the day.
  • The requirements and approvals needed for government sector supply are met very ably by this company. It takes pride in matching the specifications needed for Government suppliers and provides the best quality products at the most affordable prices.
  • It has been found that design plays an important role in creating a wellness compatible and healthy environment. Shaw innovative and functional designs create the required ambiance to promote wellness in nursing homes, hospitals, senior citizen homes, healthcare centers, etc.
  • Flooring design is an integral part of the interiorscape and defines what you are and what you aspire to be like. A proper atmosphere needs to be created through color and texture to create the correct feel for your office or any other commercial space; Shaw carpets helps you do just that!
  • From New York to Dubai, top corporates are opting for the ultra luxurious and functional designs of Shaw Carpets to enhance the look and feel of their office space.
  • If you are looking to stage your home or rental space for rent optimization, the Quick Ship delivery option offers quick delivery of your chosen products to avoid any home restoration delays.
  • Retailers are very satisfied with the stylish, elegant and easily installed flooring options offered by the Company. He, most products suit the need of practicality with luxury. Believe it or not, 38 out of the top 50 designs approved in the retail industry take recourse to the Shaw design stable for their carpeting needs.
  • Hospitality sector has a huge need for innovative, luxurious, as well as easy to install and maintain floorings in a multitude of designs. Shaw carpeting provides smart solutions for all hospitality carpet needs.

Training Facility For Installation and Maintenance

Design leadership includes the quality training experience provided to the students and interns mentored at Shaw Hospitality through special training methods and seminars. The company also sets up training facilities for installation and maintenance of carpets and other flooring products.

Competitions and awards are constituted to further enhance the learning experience. Design leadership celebrates the idea of giving back to the industry and the environment in a big way!


The Presidential Green Chemistry award was conferred on the company in 2003 for pioneering designs that look to reduce pollution and harness the use of chemistry to reduce pollution. They have also garnered the Best in Flooring award by IIDA/Hospitality design for making the widest array of designs for industry setting collaborations.

Performance and quality

The ISO9001/9002 quality system standards have been adopted by the Shaw Quality System as the standard for the entire Shaw Operations. There are individual operations and facilities to maintain quality systems. This facilitates induction of internal audits to control quality standards of all products.

Shaw Carpets employs the Six Sigma Business improvement methodology to enhance operational excellence, comprehend data, and implement process solutions. Many Sigma black and green belts are employed by Shaw.  

Lean manufacturing practices maximize effectiveness from the manufacturing unit, thereby minimizing downtime. This further impacts production, shipping, delivery and hence makes for better customer experiences. 

Lean manufacturing helps identify waste and the means to eliminate it. This results in carpet manufacturing processes that maximize customer delight.

Specialized environmental management systems

Reducing downtime and maximizing operating efficiency is essential in reducing any negative impact caused on the environment by Shaw Carpets. 

The specialized environmental management system is fashioned after the specifications of ISO 14001 to suit the needs of carpet manufacturers. 

The Shaw Environmental systems {SES} monitor the energy, emissions, water, and waste and reduces the same to benefit the environment and promote sustainability. The manufacturing units are all certified through the SES and ISO 140001.

The manufacturing facilities ensure high safety standards, ensuring that the manpower comfort level is enhanced. This is fortified by safety committees and task forces who try and resolve potential safety issues. This also ensures that safety practices are followed at every level. 

The secure manufacturing staff at Shaw Carpets is a vigilant lot that reciprocates the concern towards environmental safety measures. The Company enjoys the benefit of vertical integration. 

The nylon polymerization, reclamation, and fiber extrusion production processes can control cost and ensure product quality. Reduction in wastage also helps in managing pollution, thereby making sustainability viable.

The company takes great pride in declaring that over 100 million pounds of carpet are processed annually through a wide array of internal recycling options to reclaim and recycle its products. 

The specialized EcoWorx product platform is compatible with leveraging opportunities to recycle from all the plants in their global operations and markets. The Evergreen Ringgold recycling facility provides additional capacity and is capable of handling PET-based carpeting solutions also. 

The environmental Guarantee is the basis of the Company commitment towards environmental responsibility and anchors the cornerstone of the philosophy of sustainability.

Re2E {reclaim-to-energy} is the facility that facilitates the generation of energy fuelled by reclaimed carpet material from Shaw Carpets own manufacturing units. This fuel is then used to generate steam and electricity used not only in our own plants but also as a supplement to the reclamation network.


Shaw carpeting and flooring solutions showcase commendable efforts to establish good practices and equipment to work towards sustainability and pollution management practices. The Shaw Carpets products are used across a huge section of industry verticals are you willing to be a part of this revolution?

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