Thursday, 1 March 2018

Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Living Room

A good carpet will transport the appearance and comfort of any room. It makes people want to spend more time in the room beyond making every moment spent there memorable. The feeling under the feet of occupants in a house determines their mood. This is why you need to be keen when selecting a carpet for your living room.

There are different types of carpets in the market differentiated by the material, the pattern, the size and other unique elements. Your preference could be a patterned carpet while another homeowner could prefer another design. This underlines the fact that personal preference plays a role in determining the kind of carpet you choose. Here are useful tips to guide you when buying a carpet for your living room. 

Room Use 

Living rooms are used for relaxing and gathering the entire family. This calls for a carpet that feels comfortable to promote a good and healthy mood for the entire family and all who are gathered. The use of a room elicits questions and concerns that should help you determine the best carpet. 

  1. Does the room experience heavy or light traffic? This will be determined by the number of family members and how many people spend a lot of time in the room. 
  2. Is it the center of activity for the family? This largely depends on whether there are other rooms or spaces where the family loves to spend time. The comfort of the family must be considered at all times.
  3. Direct access from outside. This will determine the interventions to be made to sieve stone pebbles and debris from outside. Direct access demands more caution compared to a living room that is accessed as a secondary room in the house. 
These questions help you to identify the best grade and style of carpet to choose. Other concerns related to the use of a room include the presence of pets, children, and their bustling activities. When special considerations are made for all users, you will get excellent value for money.

Color And Style Expectations

Color and style will be affected by the intensity of use as well as people using the room. For instance, it is not advisable to install a white carpet or the bright colors in a room used by children. A room with children playing and a formal room will also demand and deserve different colors and styles. Where children and pets will be playing, consider the latest technology that makes stain removal easier. Where pets will be playing, the loose fiber must be avoided because it will get caught in their claws, leading to damage.

The color and style are also affected by the size of your living room and amount of lighting. A small room is made to appear big by light colors on a carpet. A room that is large will also be minimized by dark colors on your carpet. Lighting makes rooms to appear big and bright. With a lot of natural lighting, certain patterns will make your room to feel cozy and large.

Consider the colors and styles of other fabrics in the room. For instance, wallpapers, drapes and color or patterns on coaches will affect the appearance of your carpet. These fabrics should complement each other. Carry a sample of these fabrics to the store for easy comparison to avoid crashing either the colors or designs.

Quality Of Carpet

Many carpets will appear similar but the quality of fabric differentiates them. It is not easy to tell by holding the carpet or just looking at it. However, the quality will determine the kind of experience you have, ease in maintenance, durability, and appearance of your floor, among other factors. Here are factors that affect the quality of a carpet.

  1. Fiber used- nylon is a common fiber used in the manufacture of carpets. However, nylon also comes in a variety of qualities including nylon 6 and 6.6. You also have the option of cotton and other fibers.
  2. Density- heavy carpets are thought to be more durable because they can absorb the shock and handle debris better. A dense carpet will recover fast and effectively after traffic has been withdrawn from the surface. 
  3. Technology- advancement in technology is being used to enhance the quality and appearance of carpets. Some of the factors receiving a lot of attention include the stain resistance, ability to withstand traffic, suitability for children and pets as well as anti-static technology. 
  4. Weight- this is a traditional gauge of quality. It indicates the amount of fiber used in weaving the carpet. It also has an impact on the durability of your carpet and its ability to withstand heavy traffic.
A quality carpet will transform the appearance of your room. It will also make it more comfortable to live. You cannot pick one factor as the sole determinant of quality. Find a balance between the factors by choosing a combination that delivers excellent value for money.

Price Of The Carpet

You must have a budget in mind when going to the stores to get your carpet. There are carpets of all prices but you must pay for the kind of experience you will get from a carpet. Price is determined by several factors. The obvious one is the size, whereby a large carpet will cost more than a small one. However, the quality and fabric must be similar.

Price depends on the quality of carpet. High-quality carpets are usually more expensive to buy but prove cheaper by lasting long. Invest in a good carpet that will make your living room elegant. Factors that might raise the price of your carpet include technology enhancement and ease of maintenance. Consider these factors to give your living room the best feel and appearance.

Personal preference must guide your choice of a patterned carpet or any other feature you choose. Remember that it is not every day that you buy a carpet. This is a one-time investment that will last long. Choose a carpet that gives your living room the most comfortable and welcoming feel.

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