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How To Keep Your Carpet Soft and Looking Brand New

How To Keep Your Carpet Soft and Looking Brand New - Carpet Express

Do you remember that feeling when you first installed your carpet? And how soft it felt to walk on it? It is possible to maintain the carpet surface for the entire lifetime of your carpet. The care and maintenance steps taken are ordinary and will not cost you a penny more. 

Here are expert tips to keep the carpet soft and looking brand new.

Always Prefer To Buy Quality Carpet

The specifications of a carpet will not change because of maintenance. If you want a soft carpet you must first buy a soft one. There are different brands in the market from where you can choose. The softness of a carpet will be determined by the material used in manufacturing. The softest material used for manufacturing carpets is wool. 

However, carpets made of pure wool sell at a premium price. However, there are blends of wool that still produce relatively soft carpets for public consumption.

The technique used in weaving is another determinant of the softness of a carpet. You must scrutinize the design when buying your carpet. 

For instance, cut pile method of manufacturing will produce a softer carpet compared to loop pile method. The best carpet on the market is made using a plush method. The labels on carpets will indicate the weaving method used. You can also determine the method by studying the surface.

Prefer Professional Installation

The beauty and integrity of your carpet will be impossible to restore if it is destroyed during installation. This explains why manufacturers provide installation directives for all carpets. 

A soft carpet requires different procedures to maintain its softness. The underlying surface must be prepared sufficiently. This includes clearing any moisture and leveling the ground. Padding may also be required to provide the extra cushion. This will depend on the thickness of your carpet and nature of surface it is being installed.

Hire a professional to install the carpet for you. A professional reduces the chances of errors since he can judge the surface appropriately and make professional decisions. It will minimize the need for regular repair and replacement, which damage the soft surface.

Regular Vacuuming Will Keep Carpet Soft and Brand New

Regular cleaning through vacuuming will give your carpet that soft and brand new look. Vacuuming gets rid of dust particles that have settled on the surface from wind or ordinary activities on the surface. It is these particles that damage your carpet, making it hard and unpleasant to look at. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will maintain the brand new appearance on the surface, giving you an excellent looking carpet.

Use the right vacuuming equipment and procedures on your carpet to keep it soft. The recommended brush type for the soft carpets is either rotating brush, suction, or beater bar. Depending on the variety of carpet in question, the manufacturer will have indicated the most appropriate brush to use. 

Do not use abrasive substances for cleaning since they will damage the surface as well as reduce its lifespan.

Professional cleaning should be considered once or twice a year or within 18 months. The frequency of professional cleaning depends on the amount of traffic on the surface and the area where the carpet is used. Professional cleaners pay attention to details and are better at restoring your carpet. Professional cleaners should also be involved in case the carpet is extensively damaged by water.

When vacuuming a carpet the following tips will help make the exercise easier:

Adjustable height

The highest setting should be used where appropriate. It minimizes unnecessary contact allowing you to take charge of the process.

Efficient flow of air

Vacuum cleaners with sealed suction or one that is very concentrated should be avoided. They easily damage the surface of your carpet.

Use Large Wheels

Moving across the carpet will be easier when using vacuums with large wheels. The soft fiber easily gets entangled on the wheels, causing a problem with movement.

A carpet will only remain to look brand new and soft if it is properly taken care of. Since the carpets come with instructions, these instructions must be followed. In case there is a spill on the surface, it should be cleared as soon as possible and using the approved methods and substances. 

This ensures that the surface is not stained. If the stain is allowed to stay, it will be difficult to remove, causing damage during removal. The ultimate secret to maintaining a carpet soft and brand new is through proper use, care, and maintenance.

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