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Tips for Choosing Carpet for Your Space

Tips for Choosing Carpet for Your Space

Carpets define the overall appearance of a room. You should be deliberate when choosing carpets for your home. 

Each room in a house, either residential or commercial is used for a particular purpose. Some are living rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, hallways, and lounges, among other uses. The use determines the amount and nature of traffic. 

This should guide you to ensure that you choose the right carpet for your floor:

Consider the amount of traffic

Too much traffic will naturally damage a carpet. This is common in walkways and halls where many people come and go. You require a carpet that is resilient and also easy to clean. The amount of traffic will also determine the speed of tear and therefore the frequency and cost of repair. 

Type of traffic

Different rooms experience unique kind of traffic. For instance, public hallways have traffic that is unpredictable. You cannot be sure of the shoes to be worn and whether people will walk softly or roughly. Living rooms might also experience traffic but from playful children and pets. Executive offices also experience traffic but have an image to maintain. While all the scenarios indicate traffic, a different type of carpet will fit each case. 

Surrounding environment

Where is your home or office situated? The surrounding determines the dirt you will be dealing with and the suitable carpet for it. Executive boardrooms will require a different type of carpet compared to banking halls or public facilities. Consider the challenges you will be dealing with in your environment to enable you to choose a carpet that can handle them. 

Consider the safety

Consider the safety of people who will be using the carpet. Children and elderly are especially exposed to dangerous carpets. PVC is water resistant but can be slippery when used in areas where water is constantly used. The carpet should also not easily retain dirt and dust to protect people living there from allergic reactions. 

The carpet chosen must match with the use a room will be put into. Whenever there is a mismatch, the carpet is easily damaged or work efficiency compromised. You will be required to replace the carpet more often, making it expensive to maintain it. 

Check for Prices and maintenance cost

What is the cost of buying your target carpet? You should also consider the cost of installation and continued maintenance. Carpets are not expensive depending on the quality you obtain. However, you can get a discount carpet that is of high quality and will save you a lot of money. Here are tips to enable you to get high-quality carpets at a reasonable price.  

  1. Check discounts: stores offer discounts on carpets for various reasons. It could be a seasonal offer, to capture your attention when opening a new store or to introduce you to a new variety of carpet, among other reasons. Take advantage of such discounts to get top class carpets at a reduced price. 
  2. Buy in bulk: other than buying carpets for individual rooms at different times, buy your carpets in bulk. Furthermore, consider a store where you are a regular customer. This enables you to negotiate a reasonable discount that enables you to get excellent quality carpets at a lower price. 
  3. Buy a package: engage a contractor who delivers the carpet and also handles installation. Such experts also offer carpet maintenance services. A comprehensive package makes it easier to negotiate a discount. 

Style and Color

Carpets come in different colors, styles, and patterns, each designed for a different environment. Choose a combination that suits your space, based on how you intend to use the room. Style, color, and pattern cannot be isolated. You are required to strike a balance that enables you to create an elegant space. 

  1. Style: this refers to a combination of the color, quality of material, and the pattern. There is an official pattern that is subtle yet elegant and style for domestic use that is a bit playful and gives you a greater room. Allow a specialist to help you choose a style that befits the space you will be laying the carpet. 
  2. Color: color is part of corporate branding for commercial carpets. Residential carpets use color as a statement of personal style and preference. Color has an effect on the perception of depth in the room and how spacious or warm your room feels. 
  3. Patterns: patterns are used in defining your style. There are subtle official patterns, though some carpets for commercial use are usually plain. Patterns are created using colors as well as the method of weaving. 

The choice of carpet should not be restricted to price or color. In fact, experts recommend that you consider other installations like the size of windows, color of curtains, and lighting in a room in order to get the perfect carpet. A cheap carpet will enable you to save on the cost of buying without compromising on the quality of carpet you install. Long-term appearance, performance, and maintenance must be considered to guarantee excellent value for money. 

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