Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Advantages of Carpet Tiles - Know From The Experts

carpet tile

Homeowners love to decorate their houses and expect them to look astonishing. However, they do not like to spend much even if their expectations are quite high. The good news for such people is that there are many home decoration accessories and products that though are beautiful, do not cost much.

One such product is the carpet tile. These tiles have become a common aspect of residential as well as commercial establishments everywhere.

Here we have listed some of the benefits of carpet tiles:

These tiles score on a lot of points when compared to the traditional pattern of tiles used for floorings. Designers along with homeowners have readily embraced these benefits to beautify spaces.

Low cost of logistics

When you consider traditional rolls of carpets, they are large in size along with having loads of weight. They require trucks for transportation. All this results in a heavy cost of logistics. However, the carpet tiles in comparison are smaller in size and also do not weigh much. They can be easily transported in lightweight vehicles. This ensures that you save money on logistics.

Storage space

Apart from logistics, storage is also a factor. You can easily stack unused carpet tiles in storerooms or some closet; however, the traditional carpet rolls need a lot of space to store. Moreover, storing these in closets is completely out of question.

Easy to use in small areas

If you need flooring for small spaces, a large carpet roll can never be used due to its size. This is where the carpet tiles just fit perfectly. Many homes and commercial establishment have such spaces and hence, the tiles become a perfect product to solve their worries of flooring such spaces.

Minimum wastage

With carpet tiles, you can purchase only according to requirements. This ensures that waste is minimized and your money is saved too. Contrastingly, carpet rolls do not offer such flexibility. Moreover, even if some tiles are unused, storage never is a problem.


Traditional carpeting does not offer design flexibility. You can only opt to choose according to length and color. However, with carpet tiles, your choice opportunities are amplified. You can creatively design and use such tiles to ensure that your flooring looks amazing. With different sizes and colors available, you just have to choose a pattern and add it to your flooring to render visual brilliance.

Ease of installation

Traditional forms of carpets need adhesive, tack strips and padding that consume extensive labor for trimming, binding, stretching, cutting and gluing. This consumes a lot of money along with efforts. Contrastingly, carpet tiles are easy to install. They are just laid on floors and trimmed to ensure perfect fits. Adhesives or glues are not required.

All the above pointers prove that carpet tiles are a perfect source if you intend to have creatively done flooring at low cost and efforts. These are reasons why such tiles are gaining popularity. They are always preferred by designers and homeowners to ensure a chic look for their spaces at an affordable price.

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