Friday, 24 July 2015

Laminate Flooring: A Multi-Featured And Multi-Beneficial Flooring Solution

There are many people; especially females who love laminate flooring. This is especially chosen for rooms that have heavy foot traffic. The primary reason for this is the durable nature of such tiles. Additionally, such tiles are stain-proof along with providing ease of installation. You can walk comfortably on these tiles and they look amazing too. Areas where these tiles can be perfect include, hallways, playrooms and offices. Females love such tiles as they can be cleaned easily.

Extremely beneficial features

Laminate floors or tiles are comprised of layers of laminate that are glued and then hard-pressed for forming a solid and durable material. These are similar in characteristic to counter-tops made from laminate.

If you have ever tried to scratch laminate floors, the first thing you will witness is that the color continues throughout the material. This quality is helpful as it is able to hide accidents if any to the flooring. Moreover, you can also find repair kits with laminates if you intend to match colors and fill gaps in scratches.

The resistance impact of these floors will differ according to quality and brand; however, overall speaking, these floors have high resistance and are hence considered tough.

Laminates are also stain-proof. This ensures that cleaning is not a big issue with such floors. These floors have the capability of resisting many chemicals that cause stains. Additionally, these floors are UV resistant too. What this actually means is that you can install such floors in rooms that are directly in contact with sunlight and not worry about the color fading from these floors. Though sunlight does not impact many materials for long durations, with laminate, this duration can be very very long.

Ease of installation

Laminate flooring is known to provide ease while installation with comparison to some other forms of floors. Being a floating floor system, such flooring is never fastened to substrates. The flooring tiles or planks can be installed over thin foam layers that are placed on surfaces. With some kind of laminates, planks or tiles are glued at joints. However, for most types, you can just snap them and its done.

The installation of these floors is complete on installing base boards for covering gaps amongst walls and floors. Such floors adapt easily to irregularity in sub floors too. All this proves that the process of installing such floors is extremely easy and fast in comparison to other flooring types.

You will find huge variety in terms of colors and styles for laminate floors to suit different tastes. Some types also mimic grains and colors of different woods. You can easily find laminates that resemble birch, mahogany, oak, and walnut to name a few types of woods. Moreover, you can also find laminates resembling stone tiles and ceramic.

With such wide choice and ease of installation along with beneficial features, laminate flooring is a preferred choice of designers and home owners alike. The only aspect to remember is buying these from reputed entities to ensure quality.

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