Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Benefits Of Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

Smartstrand Carpet is an amazing product that has completely grabbed the fancy of homeowners and designers everywhere. The best feature of this carpet type is its ability to fit every application and need of people. The reason for this is its variety and loads of other benefits on offer.

Smartstrand carpet is manufactured by Mohawk using Sorona polymer from Dupont. The fiber used for making these carpets is known as Triexta. Though this may sound a bit technical, knowing about these terms will prove beneficial for you. This is because chances are that you may hear these terms when you opt for the next update for your flooring in future.

These carpets have already gained a lot of reputation and this steam is for positive and good reasons. These carpets are said to have changed the entire concept of carpeting for good. The stunning benefits offered by this product have led to it being chosen by many.

Listed below are some of these immense benefits of Smartstrand.


Approximately 37% of Smartstrand carpet is made from Dupont's Sorona. This polymer from Dupont is obtained from the corn sugar. Such an excellent renewable source being used for manufacturing this product is quite amazing in itself.

When we consider the environment and eco-friendly aspects, sustainability is the key ingredient. Smartstrand carpets not only utilize this environment-friendly fiber, they also consume very less energy for manufacturing. 

Moreover, the emissions of greenhouse gases are also less in comparison to some other fibers and yarns. The design of these carpets is such that it requires landfill gases for production of energy necessary for backing material production used to manufacture them. 

All these features make this an amazing product that does its bit for the environment.

Comfortable and Soft

As is claimed by the manufacturers, Smartstrand carpets are soft. You may have come across many yarns of cheap carpets that are scratchy to feel. 

Quite contrastingly, Smartstrand is soft, smooth and provides comfort. It has that special silky feeling without any kind of residue effect. 

It needs to be understood here that this soft quality is due to the polymer and not due to any chemical application.

Long Lasting

The fiber used for manufacturing Smartstrand is extremely durable in comparison to other yarns. It is strong than nylons too. 

The past saw the use of nylon or hybrids obtained from nylon for making carpets. With Smartstrand, Mohawk has revolutionized carpet making completely and rendered people with a product that lasts long.

Stain Resistance

This quality is inbuilt for Smartstrand. The unique features of the used polymer in these carpets resists stains and does not allow them the permeate yarns. This makes it a perfect product for people who have pets or kids in their homes. Mohawk is so confident about its product that it boasts of a warranty for life with regards to stain resistance for Smartstrand.

So what are you waiting for? Get your home redesigned by using the amazingly wonderful and attractive Smartstrand carpet.

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