Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Every Heard Of An Environmental Friendly Carpet? Its Smartstrand

smartstrand carpet

You can quite easily change the paint from the interiors of your homes without much fuss and money required; however, carpets are aspects that are somewhat permanent for your homes. Changing them regularly will require effort coupled with money. For this reason, the choice of carpets gains prominence for house owners. It is a lifestyle decision that needs to be taken with care.

Are you nervous already? Well, the market provides you with variety of choices that can suit different lifestyle needs and tastes. Moreover, this choice is accompanied with expert advice from seasoned professionals. With the advent of online stores, your choice has been all the more widened. So choosing a carpet is no more a hassle. As a fact, this activity can be fun; only if you are completely prepared and know what you want.

A revolutionary carpeting solution

One carpeting solution that has made a strong impact on consumers everywhere is SmartStrand carpet. According to Mohawk that manufactures SmartStrand, this carpet is one of its kind due to being resistant to soil and stain. This ability is because of the built in resistance facility inside its fibers. Further, the company even claims that these carpets will never wash or wear off and are extremely easy on the cleaning front which requires just water or some mild detergent.

Worried about mishaps? Not anymore

Carpets form an important and essential element for home decoration and almost every home owners is extra cautious while selecting them. The comfort and look are aspects that are given primary significance during selection. Additionally, the fear related to stains such as sauce spills or red wine during parties or pets leading to scratching are aspects that are always at the back of mind while choosing carpets. Due to the fear of such accidental mishaps, it will be extremely necessary to purchase a product that keeps you free from these worries. This is where SmartStrand carpets score.

SmartStrand carpets are recognized of being the toughest of the lot and also extremely easy to clean. This makes them a perfect carpeting solutions for households; especially those that have pets and kids. With use of advanced innovation with regards to fiber, these carpets offer highest quality and enhanced beauty along with high performance level and comfort to households. It can be said that these are life time worry free solutions.

A perfect solution

You may be surprised to know that SmartStrand is the first to introduce new fiber to carpeting and is the only solution that can boast of permanent and built in solution for stain resistance. This makes it extremely durable and provides users with utmost satisfaction levels.

According to Mohawk, SmartStrand carpet is a unique product as they have minimized natural resource use; thus enabling them to reduce energy consumption. This has also helped in creation of long lasting fiber that resists stains. Cleaning it does not need cleaners or chemicals too. All these features mean that these carpets are a big step towards provision of a completely environmental friendly flooring solution.

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