Thursday, 13 August 2015

Why Vinyl Flooring Is The Perfect Floor For Your Home

vinyl flooring

Does your flooring need a complete makeover? 

Are you dissatisfied with the way in which your bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, or for that matter your entryway looks these days? 

If the answers are in the affirmative then sheet vinyl flooring is surely the way to go. 

Being heavily trafficked across most parts of the day, the surfaces in these areas are usually prone to damage and dust accumulation. Read here how vinyl floors can give your home the complete personality makeover it deserves.

Cleaner Entryways

Your entryway is the area that gathers the most stains and marks. 

Primarily because it’s the first place that people set their foot in when they come back home after a long day at work or drop in to say “hello.” 

Here, you will find worn out doormats and carpets too. 

How would you like to upgrade this otherwise ignored area by installing affordable vinyl flooring designed in honeyed wood, or any other texture of your choice? 

With this in place, you need not worry about your guests dropping their coats or umbrellas, or walking in with heavy mud on their shoes. Your rugs and carpets will remain as good as new too. Consider adding a bright area rug for enhancing your entryway further.

sheet vinyl

Luxurious Bathroom Floors

Your bathrooms are excellent areas to install luxury vinyl tile flooring in. This is because this kind of flooring is easy to clean up after a bath and is not prone to warping due to moisture. 

To add a luxurious touch, you may like to go for a granite finish that complements your bathroom fittings and other accessories, thereby making them look brighter and newer than before. 

Common vinyl color schemes such as soft browns, ocean blues, and light minty greens pop up the aesthetics in your bathrooms—go for it!

Kitchens you’ll Love to work in

Durable vinyl flooring is a must in your kitchen that has to deal with dropped pans, spills, and food stains. 

With the right surface to work and tread upon, you will love the new look your kitchen presents. In case you have a large enough kitchen, choose a checkered pattern, pearly white, or mock bricks to make your eating space enjoy a totally different look and personality. 

Smaller kitchens would benefit from lighter colored floors that provide the illusion of expanse and brightness. Choose the style and design that fits your decor and style in the best possible ways.

commercial vinyl flooring

Vinyl Floors at other Places

An excellent option for lining closets, vinyl tiles go a long way in making your laundry room, hallways and other common spaces look brighter than before.

You may like to mix various patterns and tones for making your rooms unique. Go ahead, choose contrasting styles and patterns as long as your flooring choices are not close enough to clash with each other. 

All the places that have worn out carpets or floor stains can largely benefit with these floors in place. The best part is that they can be installed quickly and easily. And require very less maintenance too!

Choose the Design and say “Hello” to Brand new Floors

There is no dearth of designs that you can choose from. Just assess the physical dimensions of the spaces that you wish to redo, seek recommendations regarding how your selected patterns will fit in your space, and go ahead with your buy. 

Yes, when it comes to making your home amazing and keeping it in top shape, you simply cannot go wrong with vinyl, and within your budget too!

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