Monday, 26 October 2015

Features of Quick Step Laminate Flooring

Looking for the best designs under your feet? 

Quick Step flooring is a new and innovative flooring idea that is being used in residential and commercial spaces with flair. Formulated to offer maximum resistance against heavy use, these floors are smart, stylish and just the thing that you need. 

While many other flooring options tend to depreciate over time, long-lasting and durable quick step laminate floors make for an ideal floor cover and offer full value for your money!

Laminates from Quick Step boast of a wide range of possibilities to add to the comfort of your home, office or store. Read on to understand how this brand offers maximum warranty for your new laminate flooring.

Here is why you should choose Quick-Step Laminate Floors:

Extensive Styles and Colors

The wide range of Quick-step laminate flooring options on offer, both online and offline, are known for their high durability and longevity quotients. They boast of wear, indentation, and scratch resistant surfaces that are indeed outstanding. The best part about investing in these hard wearing melamine surfaces is that you get instant access to their vast-ranging catalog of extensive styles and colors.

Here, for the sake of gaining maximum durability, the laminates are impregnated with atomic granules of carborundum. These floating floors offer many advantages over other flooring types, such as quick installation on moist subfloors. 

What’s more? 

The bases provided by the laminates from Quick Step are 100 percent watertight and glued with high-density fiber boards. Covered with well-designed designed transparent layers, this kind of base goes a long way in protecting the floor planks from deforming.

Very Innovative Designs

Desirous of getting more creative with Quickstep laminates? Go ahead; there’s no dearth of prints to choose from. For instance, you’ll love to invest in the brand’s oak design that has a natural wooded appeal that’s very similar to oak’s real texture. Eco-friendly and very innovative in design, there are quite a few advantages of opting for Quick Step laminates and other allied products.

In the product catalog of this brand, it’s indeed heartening to note that there’s something for people with all kinds of budget. 

From high-end and expensive laminates that promise to last for decades in a row to affordable yet durable products – you need not look any further than the Company’s outlets for your immediate and future needs. 

Yes, easily available online and also at retail stores at your location, these laminates bring in an overall different look to your interiors

A Variety of Options

Quick Step flooring is available in a plethora of colors, styles, patterns, and textures. Be it traditional or modern designs; small, wide or extra-large tiles; or durable planks that enhance the look of your house; the options are indeed many.

Swift Installation

Thanks to the reputed, patented Uniclic system used by Quick Step, the installation of the laminates from this brand is an easy and quick affair, Taking care of the tightest of room corners efficiently; Quick Step laminate installation processes are very user-friendly and affordable than those linked with other flooring options. 

The locking mechanism of this laminate is paraffin waxed that lubricates the locking system perfectly, thereby disallowing the incidence of any abrasion, wear or tear. Besides, the presence of paraffin protects the tiles against all kinds of water damage too.

Easy Maintenance

With Quick-step flooring, it is easy to keep your floors clean and nice. Their sealed surfaces prohibit the build-up of germs and dirt on the floor. The malleable strength of the click system applicable to these laminates is indeed noteworthy. 

Also, the water-resistant glue applied on their base plate offers enhanced levels of protection against any moisture on the surface.

Underfloor Heating

Quick-Step Laminate tiles give off an inviting and warm feel. They are perfect for underfloor heating and/or cooling purposes too. This rings especially true when the laminates are installed with the right combination of an underlay.

Protective Layers

The flooring planks from Quick Step have protective scratch guard layers that prevent any stains, scratches or unsightly marks. They are also covered with top quality core boards to offer optimum floor protection. 

Additionally, they bar direct sunlight from causing any evident fading of the colors used in the laminates, even after long periods of usage.

Durable and Environment-friendly

Quick Step floors last for several decades and require negligible repairs, maintenance and/or replacement. Completely environment-friendly and rich in appeal –they are surely the right way to go!

Invest in Quick Step floors and laminates – today. You will love that gently underfoot feel!

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