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Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Trends And Benefits

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Well, what would you rather invest in a luxury vinyl tile floor, sheet vinyl flooring solutions, or the graceful effects of solid hardwood flooring? Far removed in comfort, charm, and elegance from all other kinds of contemporary floor solutions, hardwood floors are fast becoming a natural choice for many. So, regardless of whether you are an interior designer or architect wishing to create a surreal environment for your client, or a property owner, you cannot oversee the goodness of hardwood floors.

Let’s see how these unusual trends are casting a shadow on the world of laminate flooring and other similar alternatives and bringing hardwood into the limelight.

There are few home improvements that always succeed in adding more class, tradition, beauty, and the old world charm, wherever used. The same rings true for hardwood flooring materials that are becoming a popular choice for one and all. The good thing is that there are many trending options to choose from when it comes to this kind of floors. These unusual, and much sought after, flooring products in hardwood are freely available for purchase by you too!

Beautiful Bamboo Hardwood Floors

The beauty, environmentally friendly nature, and durability of bamboo are unparalleled and cannot be replicated by most products found in their natural forms. Today, high-quality bamboo flooring is being made by shaving the bamboo clumps, or bamboo stalks, into thin strips. These strips are kiln dried before being glued together under the influence of high pressure. The resultant bamboo hardwood products are an amalgamation of texture, color, and beauty that aptly signifies the grandeur of bamboo in man-made environs – in the form of ‘boards.’

Far more durable and harder than oak, bamboo is but a grass. It can be harvested and re-harvested in bamboo plantations for quite a few generations in a row. While oak hardwood floors result in wiping off a tree from the face of the Earth, bamboo tends to grow back in good time…….Just as the grass in your front lawn!

Glamour of Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Have you been asking around for a hardwood floor solution that’s brand new yet appears as if it is centuries old? Your search stops on distressed hardwood flooring. These specially designed floors are made from ‘distressed’ hardwood planks that have been beaten up by their manufacturers before being installed in residential or commercial environments. The processes that go into the making of distressing wood are diverse and far-spaced. For instance, you will find industrial presses that help in rolling "imperfections" that mark the wood as it travels along their assembly lines. On the other hand, there are custom artisans who can be seen beating on the planks to create the required look; they use burlap bags packed with nuts and bolts for the cause.

Regardless of the method that goes behind the making of these brand new hardwood floors, there is an undeniable character that makes them very exquisite in appeal. What’s more? These floors seem as if they have been adorning your homes for centuries. Loving it, eh?

Eye-catching Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood floors made of hand scraped materials are typically wooden floors that have irregular scrapes, textures, and planes to showcase their worth. These floors seldom fail to add character, style, and tradition to any room and are usually available in the form of wider planks, when compared to milled flooring boards. It is important to go in for the best quality hand-scraped floors only and steer clear of those companies that strive to mimic the effect through their industrial settings. Though these floors are priced on the higher side, they cast a magical effect wherever they are laid out.

Recycled or Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring typically relates to hardwood floors that are manufactured from reclaimed/recycled wood. The attractive point about this kind of flooring is that the same is manufactured from products that are on the verge of finding their way into demolition piles. This flooring option encourages the ‘green’ thinking which is highly recommended because of its obvious advantages. Here, most of the wood is brought in from peers, old factories, and other dilapidating structures. The old growth heartwood, one of the most beautiful and strongest woods with high durability quotient, is making quick inroads into our environmentally conscious world. Are you game for it too?

Stunning Brazilian-cherry Hardwood Flooring

Though last on the list, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are possibly the best-looking hardwood that you'll ever encounter. Sporting flowing as well as tight grains, and a reddish hue that keeps deepening with time (especially when exposed to direct sunlight), this South American hardwood is 10 times denser than standard oak flooring

Way Forward

Now that you are interested in installing hardwood flooring, search for reputed and certified flooring contractors that will guide you forward on the right track. You may like to invest some time in consulting their flooring experts about all that’s on offer, and how the same promises to suit your purpose. With the right information and installation procedures in place, you will soon boast of these unique hardwood flooring solutions in your personal space as well.

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