Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Smartstrand Carpet - The Right Choice For Your Floor


Regardless of whether you are looking towards re-designing your existing floors or are searching for the best flooring options for new ones, your search should stop at a chic-looking Smartstrand carpet. Yes, creating waves in the modern-day flooring industry like no other, the carpets from this distinguished brand are manufactured from high-quality Sorona polymers from Dupont. Promising to serve as a perfect fit for your current and future flooring requirements and applications, these carpets are surely the right way to go.

Read on for how carpet solutions from Smartstrand are what you have been looking for all these days –you won’t be disappointed.

Why should you Invest in a SmartStrand Carpet?

Obviously, you are interested in investing in durable, long-lasting and premium quality products only –right? You get access to all these features and a lot more when you choose to buy a SmartStrand product. In general, the brand uses a new kind of yarn carpets. Referred to as Triexta, this yarn uses advanced technological inputs and offers optimum levels of performance, beauty, and comfort. Also, the carpets attributed to this brand are the first in the industry to use built-in stain protection features. They are available with Nanoloc spill protection characteristics that keep your concerns of animal accidents and spills at bay. Quick and easy to clean, these carpets are perfect for households with kids and pets. They are well-suited for stores, offices and homes that invite high traffic too.

Key Features of a SmartStrand Carpet

SmartStrand carpets are known for their smooth texture and twisted pile.
They are often purchased for covering hallways, stairs, bedrooms, and main living areas.
They boast of high-end spill protection technology from Nanoloc that enables easy & quick clean ups.
These carpets need very little maintenance and can be easily installed in residential and commercial properties.
The presence of permanent built-in stain capturing features and soil protection characteristics combine with unrivalled durability for making the carpets last for years in a row.
Made from plant-based materials (partially), they are environment-friendly too.

Affordable and Eco-Friendly

Made from 35-37% Dupont Sorona--polymers derived from natural corn sugar, which is a unique renewable resource, these flooring options are indeed eco-friendly. Sustainable to the core, Smartstrand fibers require very less energy for their manufacturing. Also, unlike other fibers and yarns, these materials do not produce tonnes of greenhouse emissions. Some designs by this brand are also known to use gases from landfills. These gases help in generating the energy needed for the manufacturing of backing material required in many of its products.

What’s More?

They are super soft to touch, just the way they have been advertised. Of course, there are some products that may give off a slightly scratchy feel when rubbed; but then, these are few and far between. They do not trap dirt easily and have little residual effect. The softness of these carpets from SmartStrand are courtesy their polymers, and not any chemical application. Loaded with plentiful unique properties, these flooring options have proper checks in place for preventing stains from invading their yarn. In general, SmartStrand carpets come with lifetime stain resistance features. What a relief!

Appreciable Warranty
smartstrand carpet

Numerous impressive warranties come your way with a high-end or affordable SmartStrand carpet. Some of these warranties are for:

Lifetime anti-static properties and stain resistance features.
15-year fade resistance
15-year soil resistance
15-year texture retention
Colorfastness and wet-fastness
Atmospheric contaminations and so forth.
Mohawk SmartStrand carpet

With easy care, extraordinary softness, and time-tested durability in store, a Smartstrand carpet is a revolutionary choice for all kinds of flooring.

What to Look for when Buying Designer SmartStrand Carpets?

Today, with multiple designs, styles, colors, materials, stain resistances, and warranties making carpet shopping a bit overwhelming, you need to to put in some research before buying the same. Check out different retail shops and ask for bids and samples. You may also start looking for your desired carpet online. As it is quite easy to fall in love with the very first carpet that you see at authorized stores, it is important that you take your time in choosing the right product.

Hey, are you ready to enhance the looks of your interiors with the best carpet for your needs?
Start your search today!

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