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Every Things You Need To Know About Sisal Carpets

Every Things You Need To Know About Sisal Carpets - CarpetExpress

There are carpets, and then, there are Sisal carpets. Soft but resilient, affordable but classy, the carpets and rugs manufactured by Sisal are surely unique in themselves

If you have been thinking of buying beautiful carpets online, then you cannot find other products to surpass the quality and other features of Sisal products. So, regardless of whether you require a carpeting solution for your bedroom, hallway, staircase, office or just about anywhere else, a Sisal product is what you should seek. 

A lot more long-lasting and durable than most other flooring solutions for contemporary spaces, the Sisal carpet range has to be experienced to be believed. Tough to the core, as well as beautiful in appeal, the entire range of carpets and rugs from Sisal is making it to the work and living spaces of those desirous of investing in nothing but the best. 

As a lover of carpets made from natural fibers, you will be wowed by the look of Sisal rugs and carpets that make their way to manufacturer catalogs. Manufactured from high-quality natural plant fibers, these carpeting options owe their existence to the long spiny leaves belonging to Agave sislana. This popular variety of cactus is found abundantly in Florida, Tanzania, Caribbean, Brazil, Kenya and other parts of Africa. 

As per experts, the first evidence of Sisal can be chalked back to the arid terrains of Mexico. An integral part of the deserts in the region, it is specific to harsh climatic conditions that rarely support other types of plant fibers.

If you are wondering about why Agave sislana has been chosen as the source for the making of these highly resilient carpets by Sisal, do know that it is all because of the tensile fibers offered by the same. Packed with benefits, this resource is strength personified. 

Also, as it is resistant to corrosion and other damages caused by seawater, it also serves as a helpful material for the making of ropes and twines used by those connected with the marine industry. Given this background, it comes as no surprise that Agave sislana is widely used in different fields such as agriculture and manufacturing industries. In most cases, the fibrous stems are neatly cut and thoroughly dried before being cast into tan-colored lengths.

These robust and long-lasting twines are used for weaving different kinds of products including Sisal carpets.

The Sisal Plant

The Sisal plant, in general, lives for as long as 7 to 10 years on an average. In its lifetime, it produces 200 to 250 leaves for the purposes of commercial applications. Almost 1000 fibers can be extracted from each leaf; these fibers are typically 3 feet or less in length and are to be harvested manually for best results. Faring well in climatic conditions with temperature readings of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or more, Sisal is one of the best naturally obtained raw materials for the manufacturing for durable and long-lasting carpets.

Why do buyers love Sisal carpets?

Just like millions of other buyers looking for the best carpets online, you will also love to invest in the eco-friendly sisal carpets available on the racks of online and offline home development or lifestyle specialty stores. 

Made from 100% biodegradable sustainable resources, these carpets prove to be a healthy choice for families with kids or seniors with asthmatic problems. As Sisal twines are not grown under the influence of herbicides or pesticides, they do not cause any kind of damage to the eco-system. 

Most Sisal based products and carpets do not comprise of any other material other than these natural plant fibers and are therefore highly rated by environment lovers.

As far as their aesthetics are concerned, because these fibers are naturally grown, they depict certain deformities that add to their natural grace and appearance to impart an altogether unique look. 

As they cannot be used for perfectly uniform covering, Sisal fibers are best used for crafting different types of weaving patterns that can be defined as knots, slubs, and lines on manufactured products. 

All these and other significant features of Sisal make carpets, such as elegance, strength and natural beauty, making them a hot favorite for buyers of all ages and from different walks of life.

Benefits of Using Sisal carpet

These days, the market is packed with different kinds of synthetic fiber carpets. In the given scenario, buyers looking for the goodness of naturally grown elements can leverage the advantages of Sisal carpets over all others. Some of the main reasons that are attracting buyers to the world of Sisal products are mentioned below:

  • Carpets made of these durable natural fibers are devoid of any chemical treatment and are stain resistant. They can be used safely by families with children and pets as they do not gather any tell-tale marks caused by spills.
  • As we already know by now, Sisal fibers are among the toughest in their league. These natural plant fibers are very durable; therefore, they make for long-lasting Sisal carpets and rugs- be it the small-sized area rugs or wall to wall carpeting solutions.
  • If you happen to reside in a region prone to dry or wind-ridden climatic conditions, you are probably aware of the ways in which static electricity tends to build up in synthetic carpets. Fortunately, this is not the case with a Sisal product. These carpets can be used in offices with computers because of their non-static electricity creation properties.
  • When you invest in a carpet of choice, in fact, you are investing in a versatile flooring option that is apt for use in any living or working space. As Sisal natural fiber carpets can be laid out in residences and commercial spaces alike, they are an ideal choice for buyers looking for optimum value for their money. One of the best benefits of these carpet fibers is that they can be intricately woven with other materials such as wool and seagrass. For instance, woolen Sisal carpeting options are made of 40% wool and 60% of Sisal. Warm and comfortable to the core, Sisal is the name behind most kinds of decorative rugs.
  • Last but certainly not the least, the customizability of Sisal made carpets makes them an ideal choice for many. As the fibers can be crafted and trimmed as per your taste and preference, you need not be restricted to the select few designs that are available with the dealers of Sisal products. Just let your imagination run wild with colors, patterns, and designs – Soon, you will have a masterpiece on hand.

Way forward with Sisal

Go right ahead and start scouring the catalogs to get a fair idea of the kind of products that are available for grabs in the world of Sisal rugs and carpets. In the most subtle yet elegant of ways, these carpets strike the right chord because of their neutral, earthy tones. 

As they are also the right choice for health and hygiene conscious people (as they attract minimum allergens), these carpets are desirable products for young moms, the elderly, and patients dealing with their illnesses. You may like to visit portals selling wholesale Sisal carpets and rugs to avail the most reasonable prices on your buys. You may also like to check out home d├ęcor and cheap carpets for sale at reputed specialty portals before freezing your choice.

Go for it!

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