Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Professional Tips To Maintain Quick Step Laminate Flooring

Clean floors are comfortable and attractive. They make your living area to feel healthier and welcoming to visitors. Quick Step Laminate flooring is considered among the easiest and most convenient to maintain. 

Here are professional tips that will make your living area admirable.

Regular Care

Paying regular attention to your floor guarantees long life and an elegant appearance. The surface should regularly be wiped with a piece of cloth. Immediately you detect a stain or there is a spill on the surface, remove it using appropriate procedures, substances, and materials. Allowing the spills to remain on the surface increases the possibility of staining.

It is easily damaged by sand particles and dirt which is brought into the room as people walk in. Regularly sweep the floor to get rid of this dust. Allowing these particles to remain lying on the surface exposes your floor to staining. 

Clear any spill as quickly as possible using recommended methods and substances. The use of vacuum cleaners made of hard bristles will damage your surface. Use attachments made of soft bristles during vacuuming. A cloth or a microfiber mop is recommended.

Though pets are welcome at home, they are likely to damage the surface. Trim their nails and always clean their paws. This protects the surface from scratches. With clean paws, it will be difficult for them to spread stains and other forms of dirt around the house.

Cleaning Substances to Avoid

Laminate flooring is easily damaged by water. It is recommended that you use hard surface floor cleaners. This means avoidance of such substances as steamers and wet mops. You should also avoid detergent, soap and oil floor cleaners. Quick Step Laminate comes with a cleaning accessory kit that helps to protect the surface from damage.

3 Cleaning Steps to Follow

  • Any spill should be wiped right away using appropriate procedures, substances, and materials. This protects the surface from permanent staining.
  • Get rid of dust and dirt as quickly as possible. This is done using the appropriate broom or a dry cleaning cloth.
  • Be thorough when cleaning the surface. Use hard surface cleaners to keep the surface bright and in perfect shape. Avoid procedures or substances that will compromise the overall integrity of the surface.

It is possible to find simple cleaning tasks becoming too complicated. This causes a headache and consumes most of your time. Here are proven tips to save time when cleaning your Quick Step Laminate floor.

Use the Dryer Sheets

These sheets have multiple uses. You may use them on electronics, furniture and other surfaces that cannot be mopped. It is futile to clean the floor and leave out other surfaces within the same house. The sheets contain anti-static chemicals that protect the surfaces against attracting dust.

Remove Stains First

Clear stains first before embarking on the entire house. Different stains require particular attention because of the substances involved. This allows you to concentrate on the general cleaning procedures of the entire house. 

If you are dealing with sticky stains, an acetone nail polish remover will clear it. Use a soft cloth when rubbing it.

Get A Professional Cleaning Kit

The kit comes with hard surface cleaners, the right broom, a pump spray for applying the detergent and a mop. These apparatus are recommended for your floor. They will, therefore, maintain the integrity of the surface.

Use a Dry Mop

Water is not friendly to Quick Step Laminate. To avoid damaging it, the dry mop will keep it clean. It should be made of soft microfiber to avoid scrubbing on the surface. In fact, with a handle, you can reach the furthest corner of your room.

Repair the Damaged Areas

Damaged spots on your floor should be repaired as fast as possible. They expose the floor causing water to sip through the surface. The blocks will peal which means that the damage extends to other areas. Use recommended a glue that will not be compromised by water or pressure as people walk on the surface or objects are placed on it.

Long-term value from your Quick Step Laminate floor depends on how well you maintain it. 

It is important to use the right substances, methods, and materials to protect the surface from damage. Stains will prove difficult to remove if they are allowed to stay on for long. Any damaged patches should be repaired as quickly as possible. Placing a carpet at the entrance of the room will sieve dirt, and pebbles and stains that give you trouble during maintenance.

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