Friday, 19 January 2018

Why Should You Buy Berber carpet - Know Everything About It

Whenever you are shopping for a carpet, one name will keep cropping up.

Berber carpet! 

Its popularity is growing by the day, reaching unprecedented proportions. From its genesis, the carpet was admired for its subtle tone, long life, and versatility. It provided the warmest background for homes, an element that was enhanced by the fact that the carpets were hand woven. 

Today, Berber carpet maintains its traditional flair despite the carpetic evolution in the fiber used and the methods used in weaving. The carpeterials used have transformed to include wool and other synthetic fibers enhanced for stain resistance. The style of weaving remains looping, which produces a unique surface and gives the carpet a trademark feel. 

Read here why should you consider buying a Berber carpet: 

It Mades From A Fiber 

It is made of a range of fibers to meet the taste and preferences of different clients. 

Some of the fibers used in Berber carpet are as below: 


This is the traditional and the best option for this variety of carpet. It results in a soft and luxurious carpet that can be laid on any surface and deliver to expectations. The resulting carpet is also very comfortable to walk on, will maintain its original shape, as well as resist most of the household stains. The only challenge you have to deal with when you choose wool is the cost. 


The technique and attention to detail used in weaving the original carpet are maintained even when nylon is used. The result is a durable, versatile, and affordable carpet. The fiber is also impossible to crush, even under continued traffic. This means that it maintains its shape throughout its life. Nylon is resistant to ordinary damage as well as easy to clean. Because of its cost, it is a darling of many homeowners. 

Other Fibers

There are other fibers used in manufacturing Berber carpet including triexta and polyester or olefin. You may also get a blend of several fibers that come with unique advantages and disadvantages. Read reviews of each type of fiber before buying to be certain that you are making the right decision. 

It Is A Stain Resistance 

One of the most attractive reasons to invest in a Berber carpet is its stain resistance properties. Modern-day strands are enhanced to resist stains even when it takes longer to clean. This gives you a leeway and ensures that your home or office is always clean. The loop design of weaving also makes the carpet easy to clean with an ordinary vacuum. Only ensure that the machine you use does not have a rotating brush. 

Berber Carpet Is Pet and Children Friendly

Pets and children make a home warm and comfortable. It is weaved using the loop design which makes it easy to untie. This is why some people would not recommend it for homes with children and pets. However, for an office where such situations are limited, there would be no hindrance to installing this carpet. Even a home with grownup kids would enjoy the comfort and luxury of this carpet. 

It's Easy To Clean and Maintain

Every homeowner wants a floor that is easy to clean and maintain. This means a use of ordinary cleaning substances and methods. The fiber and method used in weaving the carpet allow ordinary care and maintenance. You only need to sweep dirt off the surface and restore its luxurious appearance. Whenever a stain falls on the carpet, quick cleaning will protect it from leaving a permanent mark. Like all other carpets, professional cleaning is recommended once in 1-1 ½ years to ensure that all the dirt is removed. It is not prone to allergens and therefore will be healthy for all your family members.

It Doesn't Require Special Installation and Padding

It does not require any special installation procedures. You are required to prepare the ground by leveling and removing all moisture. Carpet Padding is only necessary if you want it but not mandatory because the looping design gives the carpet a solid feel. Even the areas that attract a lot of traffic will maintain their integrity without collapsing. This makes the carpet a perfect selection for different scenarios. 

Berber Carpet Is a Cost-effective

The cost of carpets depends on various elements including the size, carpeterial used, and the store where you buy. On an equal scale, Berber carpet is extremely cost-effective considering its durability, versatile nature, and luxurious demeanor. You are guaranteed excellent value for your money.

It can be installed on any part of your house from the lounge to the sitting room, bedroom, walkways, and even staircases. It is durable and therefore delivers excellent value for your money. It also comes in different colors to meet the demands of individual clients. This is a type of carpet you will never regret having.

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