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Expert Review of Coretec Plus Flooring

Expert Review of Coretec Plus Flooring - Carpet Express

Coretec Plus flooring is one of the most popular vinyl luxury flooring options in the market. It offers the benefits of affordability and versatility. As homeowners target more comfortable and luxurious homes, they should have access to all information that makes their decision making easier and profitable. This article provides important details about Coretec Plus floors and directs homeowners on how to buy and the advantages to expect. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy value for your money. 

Hardwood is the preferred type of floor for most homeowners. However, original wood is usually extremely expensive and out of reach for most homeowners. Coretec Plus flooring is one of the options you can consider to enjoy the benefits offered by wood without the exaggerated pricing. 

About Coretec Plus Floors

This flooring material has perfectly blended form and functionality. Though it is made of high quality and luxury vinyl, it looks and feels like original wood. It, therefore, allows your floor and house to adopt the luxury feel without costing you a fortune. You have the liberty to perform all the activities you have ever imagined on the surface of this floor as you would on wood. Visitors to your house or office will never realize that you have used vinyl on your floor. 

Advantages of Using Coretec Flooring

Coretec Plus flooring being a factory manufactured wood material is obviously cheaper than actual wood. However, the quality of service it offers equals what you would get with actual wood. In fact, the benefits of using Coretec Plus will surpass those of ordinary wood, including the excellent value for money this flooring material offers.

1. Affordable

A wood theme for a house is undoubtedly an expensive investment. Though there are different varieties of wood, none is cheaper than installing Coretec Plus flooring. The price is high from the purchase of the flooring materials to hiring a wood flooring contractor and preparing the surface, among other requirements. With Coretec flooring, it will cost you a fraction of what you would spend with actual wood. This allows you to enjoy the luxury and feel of wood without bearing the cost. 

2. Luxurious

The quality of finishing that comes with Coretec flooring is magnificent. The appearance and feel are as though you have gotten the most luxurious wood. Further, the surface is soft and luxurious to walk on. This is a flooring option that guarantees excellent value for money. It can be installed in the most luxurious offices and rooms without detection. 

3. Water Proof

Wood has a weakness of soaking in water. The water may come from surface spills or below your floor. With Coretec Plus flooring you are assured of a waterproof floor. It does not seep water from beneath or result in a damp floor when liquids spill on the surface. This is a guarantee that you will get a ‘wooden’ floor even for such sensitive places as your kitchen and bathroom. It enables you to spread elegance to all rooms in your house. 

4. Easy to Install

Wood requires real expertise to install with punitive losses if the quality of installation is lowered even for a bit. Coretec Plus flooring is unique because it comes with an installation manual that is easy to follow. You can DIY installation and still achieve the results you would expect from a professional. Easy installation means that your budget is brought down. Getting a luxurious floor has never been this easy. 

5. Easy To Maintain

Coretec Plus flooring does not require extensive or expensive maintenance attention. You only need to sweep the surface and then wipe it using ordinary cleaning substances and equipment. This will preserve the integrity of your floor and help keep your living space clean at all times without the use of complex substances and procedures. 

Cleaning and Maintenance of Coretec Flooring

All Coretec Plus flooring packages come with instructions on care and maintenance. Further, you can follow the ordinary vinyl cleaning procedures because the surface is similar. The need for special cleaning and maintenance tips is to ensure that the integrity of the floor is maintained. 

1. Professional installation

Installation is the determinant of the kind of experience you will have with your floor. Professional installation ensures that the floor is intact and will not be damaged easily by ordinary activities on the surface. 

2. Regular maintenance

Sweep the floor and dust with a mop or vacuum to keep it clean. Pebbles and solid residues will leave the surface rough and damaged especially when people walk on them. 

3. Use the right cleaning substances

Abrasive cleaning substances will damage the surface of your Coretec Plus flooring. The cleaner should be properly diluted and of neutral pH. Do not soak the surface with water as it may interfere with the adhesive. 

The integrity of Coretec Plus flooring is maintained by following installation and maintenance instructions. This is a daily endeavor that will preserve the integrity of your floor. Objects like sofas and beds should not be dragged on the surface as they will cause damage. 

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